Skillathletic is an innovative training format that gives you the most technologically advanced performance-oriented, group training experience.
Skillathletic empowers you with athletic capacities, so you can do more with your body. High intensity? Just when you need it. Excitement? Beyond and above.
Performance driven, inspired by athletes and empowered by technology, Skillathletic will push you beyond your boundaries.



Skillathletic brings the value of performance to the heart of training. It develops multiple components of physical performance for a balanced and complete training profile. What you achieve, you can take to any discipline, be it competitive or not. The good looks? Sure, that is one desirable side effect of training, but it is when you realise what your body is capable of that you get hooked.

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Our training format may be intense, but awareness and quality of the movement always come first. Skillathletic provides you a smart direction for your work and a project for constant progression. We make results tangible and measurable through technology, so you always know you are on the right track. When you ask “how many left?”, we reply “how well are you doing?”
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your body. That’s why Skillathletic is a body conscious training format happening in three stages: you build the foundations, improve capacities, and refine to compete and always set the bar higher.

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More strength to empower your movement. More flexibility to broaden your range of motion. More stability to ensure efficiency. The build phase in Skillathletic builds your potential to perform the 7 fundamental movement patterns, forming the bases of your athletic springboard.


Ready to maximise your sport performance? Then it’s time to mention Skillathletic’s 4 pillars: Power, Agility, Speed and Stamina. The improve phase channels your kinetic energy into high-intensity interval training sessions that focus on honing your specific capacities.


You’ve mastered the basics. You’ve honed your skills to the outmost of your capabilities. You know the ins and outs of every Skillathletic class. Are you ready to put them to the test and challenge the Skilathletic Community? Challenge yourself in the Combine, test how your hard-gained abilities come together in perfect balance to free the athlete within.

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What is it that makes an athlete? Hard to settle for a definition that leaves no room for ambiguity, but one thing is true: athleticism is channelled in the fight, the struggle to exceed your physical capacities. What makes you a better athlete, then, is a balanced training format that’s scientifically proven to increase these abilities. The Skillathletic workouts are designed to supercharge your Power, Agility, Speed and Stamina.
Start by Taking your Body Back. Honour your body. Achieve Total Body Performance.

In two words – Skill up.


Make your strength explode in the most powerful bursts your body can deliver.
Master the ability to muster every spark of energy and channel it into an immense rush. The workload intensity you can achieve will surprise you with each passing day.
Power-centric workouts focus on different types of strength training (heavy, explosive, ballistic and plyometric), performed at sub-maximal loads and maximum speed.


Develop complex motor patterns, react swiftly and change direction in fractions of seconds. Agility is a whole body movement with a differentiation of applied speed or direction in response to a stimulus. Variation is the key to your improvement: test out a training format made of different rhythms, loads and conditions. Different exercises modulate speed and positions so you always need to adapt, while repetitions allow you to progress towards maximum efficiency, the pinnacle of Skillathletic Training.


Dig out the root of your movement and outpace your ability to move like never before. Speed isn’t just an inborn feature: it can be developed methodically, conditioning your body and mind with targeted exercises and performance-specific equipment. Workouts focus on enhancing acceleration, stride, rate of movement and speed endurance.


Can you feel your heart pounding? Are you on the verge of letting go? That’s exactly where we want to bring you. Stamina is not just the ability to sustain physical efforts over the longest period of time, but the ability to do it at maximum capacity as well.
Specific workouts engage multiple muscle groups either at a constant pace or with intense intervals, pushing your body out of the comfort zone and stimulating it to adapt accordingly.



Every athlete is unique, and so are you. Open the app and check your progress in the four pillars. That’s the mirror that shows your strengths and the compass when it comes down to choosing your next class. So, what’s your sports identity today?

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