Lead the race

It’s hard to find a true competitor to the Skillrow when it comes to challenging your Stamina and Power. Your whole body gets in motion and it takes just a few strokes to get your heart racing.
If gradual workout is what you are looking for, select the drag factor to focus on cardio or add resistance if your aim is power: just turn the dial and feel the difference.

Boost your every stroke

Boost your every stroke

Jump on the Skillrow and see how far you can go. If you feel the goal is too easy, gear up and increase resistance. Remember: hone your technique before tougher loads. What matters is that your heart rate is high and steady throughout the workout.

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Brave in, breathe out

Brave in, breathe out

If you’re ready to take a Brave class, you’ll probably be learning how the Skillrow can quickly suck your energies dry. Aim for KPI: peak power. Be prepared to give your maximal effort in a short amount of time or strokes, rest and start all over again.

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One last Mighty push

One last Mighty push

Power is what you’ll be looking for here, so pay attention on watts and repetitions. Feel the dial clicking for those red dots, and once you’ve reached the pinnacle of your Power, make the whooshing sound of Skillrow roar stroke after stroke.

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