3 tips to stop being always hungry

When we get up in the morning, our first thought is: what are we going to have for breakfast? After a tough day spent working or studying, what better way to end the day if not with the jar of cookies or our favourite ice cream? Or else, is it raining and do we feel like pampering ourselves with a delicious chocolate jar?

If the answer to all these questions is a big yes, then we are probably suffering from chronic hunger (also called nervous hunger): or the feeling of being always hungry. In fact, just saying hunger is quite inappropriate. Here in fact, we are facing a real disorder that causes the person to think constantly about food and to consume it inappropriately.

In chronic hunger, what is perceived as being always hungry rarely corresponds to an actual lack of nutrients. What we are eating here, together with the calories, are above all our emotions. Food just becomes a safety valve in this downward spiral towards stress, weight issues and other psychosomatic issues. A sort of painkiller that never solves the problem.


Even vending machines in our office or at school do not help us stop being always hungry. In short, the stimuli to eat always and on every occasion are everywhere, to the point that we often find ourselves chewing something almost out of habit, because otherwise we lack the gestures or the comforting sensation of chewing.

The result? We ingest many more calories than necessary and, without adequate physical activity, burning them is almost impossible.  Yet, to stop being always hungry is not impossible. Here are three little tips to help you stop being constantly hungry, without renouncing the pleasures of food.

1. Be always hungry... with healthy food

1. Be always hungry... with healthy food


Not only how much but also what you eat becomes essential to manage your appetite and not lead to be always hungry. If we are always hungry, maybe, other than the frequency, also the food is wrong.

That is a fact

Our organism assimilates sugars immediately and very quickly. What does this mean? That after the initial satisfaction given by dips, croissants, packaged snacks and industrial spreading, after a short time we are still hungry because everything has been metabolized very quickly. After digesting what we ate, our chronic hunger craves for more.


In fact, glucose, which is found in each of the foods mentioned above, is our first source of energy and the first that is assimilated. That’s why, if we are always hungry due to any reason, as in all healthy diets, it is good to prefer wholemeal flours and foods rich in fibre, which are digested by our body more slowly and prolong the sense of satisfaction.

Immediately after glucose, proteins are the source from which our body draws energy. These are very important allies to stop being constantly hungry, because they are digested even more slowly than carbohydrates. They are not responsible for increases or decreases in blood sugar and, as a result, have a less direct effect on our mood.

Foods rich in protein are white meat, fish, eggs or, if we really want to dive into something tastier, cheese and yoghurt. Even fats are components that can help us to increase the sense of satiety and satisfy our feeling of being always hungry, which, however, should be educated not to feel satisfied only through junk food.


The good fats, contained in large quantities in nuts, avocado or olive oil, for example, are metabolized after several hours and ensure a greater sense of fullness without making us fall back, after a while, to an uncontainable chronic hunger. Eating a tuna salad with eggs, avocado and low-fat yoghurt with nuts instead of dessert could help us to feel full even after dinner, avoiding having to draw on the cupboard of sweets during the next viewing of a film.

2. Fight off your constant hunger

2. Fight off your constant hunger


When we cannot abide our constant hunger, when we can’t taste a single cookie without finishing the whole box, when we feel happy only at the end of a binge then, probably, food is just a palliative. The consequence, rather than the cause, of a situation that makes us anxious or unhappy. It is then important to sit down and understand what drives us to be always hungry and find a viable alternative to this situation.

It might be useful to rebalance body and mind through meditation techniquesas Sophia Campana taught us in her interview. These relaxation practices help to eliminate stress and regain greater awareness and control of one’s body. Even interests that take the time out of boredom and promote creative fulfilments such as reading, art or any hobby can easily replace food as the only outlet valve.

Finally, let’s be real, the best answer, in these cases, is once again doing sports. We might decide to try a new discipline or experience something as adrenaline-fueled or high-intensity as the Skillathletic classes. Physical activity is the best way to get away from stress and the need to always eat: it’s a good alternative to free your mind from your anxieties and release some adrenaline.


Above all, physical activity is particularly useful if what makes us always hungry is a sense of physical inadequacy. With Skillathletic, you can create workout programmes that are targeted at your physical goals. Whether the goal is to get to the beach with a six-pack, with a few kilos less, with an increased and defined muscle mass, or with improved physical capabilities, Skillathletic, with its 4 classes, can help you achieve your goal. Not to mention, as we fight chronic hunger, we are also repairing the damage it has inflicted on our bodies!

3. Unity is strength

3. Unity is strength


Okay, maybe we’re not self-control wizards and we can hardly stop at an aperitif. Therefore, if it’s extremely difficult for us to follow the rules of a good nutritionist and if we can’t stop ourselves from being always hungry, we should ask our friends to help us. Even better, if these friends come from your own training community, and are incessantly raising kettlebells and burning miles on the Skillbike.

If the guilt for the rude is the cause of anxiety (and therefore chronic hunger), the same anxiety, if used in groups, can be a source of strength. So, a great way to fight chronic hunger is to find one or more partners in crime and decide together on the goals to be achieved, the shopping list to eat, when to have cheat days and so on.


Maybe, when we’ll find carrots and apples instead of the Nutella jar, we may want to give up and run to the next groceries store. However, quoting Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Therefore, use the force of the group in the direst moment, and results will show.

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