4 great exercises with the kettlebell vol. 3

The Kettlebell is one of the most versatile tools among the Skilltools and is widely used in the Skillathletic classes. It is a round weight with a flat bottom and a thick handle on the top that is used for exercise and weight training.

This tool even has an ancient origin – where the first Shaolin monks used a rudimentary version to improve the strength and muscular endurance of their athletes. At present, it is used in many workouts for both the Boost and Brave classes: thanks to its characteristics and it can improve all the pillars of performance sports Power, Speed, Stamina, Agility, the 4 pillars to train and improve with Skillathletic Training.

Why the kettlebell itself? Its use offers the possibility for all participants of the Skillathletic classes to perform progressions and regressions of the same movement to keep the focus on the goal of our workout.

Thanks to its shape and various sizes (from 4 to 24Kg and over) it allows you to improve not only strength but also power and speed and is an excellent tool for quality cardiovascular training.

One of the special features of the kettlebell is the handle: its centre of gravity is off axis, which allows you to stimulate (if used in the correct form) the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder. Thanks to its shape, the kettlebell is suitable for use in ballistic movements for the construction of aerobic resistance.

The ballistic movement implies a reduced starting time, greatest speed and no possibility to change the trajectory during the execution. This type of movement causes the nervous impulse necessary for the execution of the gesture to be compressed over time with a modulation of the innervation frequency beyond the threshold of 100Hz.

Let’s discover together with other exercises with the Kettlebell for your training in the gym or during the class in the third episode of this special dedicated to the best exercises:

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Place two kettlebells inside the opening designed by your feet, about half the width of your shoulders. Slightly flex your torso forward by activating the rear kinetic chain: you will feel like a slight stretching of the back of your leg.


Grab both kettlebells and pull with your narrow elbow bringing one of the two kettlebells close to your torso while the other hand stays close to the other kettlebell. Return with a controlled movement and perform the same movement on the other side.

The gorilla row is an excellent exercise for both the upper body, improves the strength of arms/back/ gluteal muscles but especially active in an important way also the whole core to maintain a correct posture during its development.

Working effectively on the strength and power of the upper body, this exercise is perfect for the Brave classes, where the limits are only your own mental constructions.



The halo is an excellent exercise for the upper body and the core as the abdomen is activated to keep the body stable throughout the movement. This exercise can be found in the Boost classes to tone the body as a whole or in the Brave classes to complete the focus on some rotating movement and increase the strength of the core and arms.



This exercise is great for developing strength and power and for this reason it is used both in the Mighty classes and in BRAVE in the building part of the workout.

The floor press with the kettlebell is an excellent exercise for the upper body as arms-deltoids and pectoral are involved during the performance of this movement. The floor press is extremely useful as being a bilateral exercise helps to balance both sides of the body thus avoiding muscle imbalances.

Lying on the ground with your legs bent, grab both kettlebells while keeping them perpendicular to the floor with your arms resting on the ground slightly near your torso. From this position, stretch out both arms without pushing your shoulders forward, trying to move both arms at the same time while maintaining a linear movement. Return in a controlled way to the starting position.



The sit-up is an excellent exercise that develops strength for both the core and the trunk about perform this exercise with the kettlebell you need to have excellent coordination and stability of the body.

To perform this exercise, lie down on the ground with your legs bent and your feet resting on the ground. Grasp the kettlebell and place it on your chest while keeping your elbows close to your body. Do a forward flexion of the torso trying to keep your feet on the ground, once you get to the sitting position do the opposite movement trying not to collapse to the ground.

The sit-up is an excellent exercise that can be used in both BOOST and BRAVE classes to develop muscle strength and endurance.

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