Can wellness apps help you keeping all your good intentions?

Whether you like it or not, smartphones have become essential elements in everyday life, in your free time and, as we will see, have also become fundamental tools for our well-being. While on the one hand we use them for work, to be always connected to our network of friendships, to weave new relationships or simply to give us an answer, on the other hand apps have become essential to listen to music during workouts and to monitor our performance, since they can store out performance data.

We are talking, to give a few examples, about programs that can help us to profile our sports life or to manage our sleep cycle in the best possible way.

The range of apps that can help us live better is vast and has seen a significant boost in recent years. Let’s shed some light on the five that we think are essential, also reminding you that your determination always remains the main fuel for every goal that you have set yourself to achieve.

Your body and mind will be infinitely grateful.

1. mywellness app

1. mywellness app


Registering for mywellness is simple and intuitive: you can also do it through your Facebook account and, once registered, you just need to remember to confirm the account by email. This app, collecting all the data generated by your movement and collected via smartphone, fitness tracker or smartwatch, is able to keep a very accurate track of all your workouts, both in the gym and outdoors.

The activities that mywellness can recognize are many and are grouped into four categories: sports, classes, exercises and daily movement.

In the first category, there is any sporting activity that may come to your mind: swimming, indoor and outdoor cycling, low/medium/high intensity running, rowing, gym, tennis, golf, basketball, rugby and Nordic walking are just some of the activities tracked by the app.


In the ‘classes’ section of the app includes all the activities that can be carried out in the centres that use mywellness technology: functional or strength training, Skillrow class, Skillbike class, Group cycle, Kinesis class, yoga, Skillrun class, Omnia and many others.

The ‘exercises’ of this wellness app are in turn divided into three sections: cardio, strength and stretching. In this section, you can create a personalized training routine, built by answering a very detailed questionnaire (about 30 questions) that will evolve as the training progresses over time by accruing more and more MOVES, collectible with every type of movement recorded by the app.

Daily activities, on the other hand, include more mundane activities, such as walking, cleaning, ironing and gardening, as well as riding your bike and, why not, shopping.

A very interesting function of mywellness app is to be able to connect to the equipment used in the gym via NFC (Near Field Communication): just take a picture of the QR code or even just bring your smartphone to the NFC logo on the machine to connect immediately and start to send and receive data on exercise in progress.

2. Skillathletic app

2. Skillathletic app


Created by athletic professionals and intended for those who devote themselves to their heart and soul to training, Skillathetic app allows you to live the most effective and engaging training experience for your athletic preparations.

With the Skillatheltic Training, a functional training methodology patented by Technogym and specifically designed to develop all the main skills that lie at the heart of performance in sports and other disciplines, the app tracks your activity collecting points on four fundamental pillars:

  • Agility, to improve neuro-muscular coordination, mobility and flexibility;
  • Power, to increase strength, explosiveness and acceleration in the initial phase of your movement;
  • Speed, to increase your speed and dynamism during the race;
  • Stamina, to get your body more resilient to prolonged efforts efforts and to help you increase your level of endurance accordingly.

The Skillathletic format is based on programs designed to run in group classes, to be performed in a multidisciplinary environment specially designed under the supervision of a trainer. In the gym, each of the 4 classes develops the skills of two combined pillars:

  • Boost: the “basic” class of Skillathletic enhances Stamina and Agility
  • Brave: the HIIT class that enhances Power and Stamina
  • Fast: the class inspired by sprinters’ training that boosts Speed and Agility
  • Mighty: the class inspired by weightlifting for Power and Speed enhancement

The complete experience that you live through this app is that of a truly complete training, from the stage of class booking in your Skillathletic club to tracking the results generated by your heart rate monitor and achieved.

But that’s not all: the app is constantly updated with news from the world of Skillathletic and interactive content (the Skillpills). Finally, reaching a certain score or participating in a number of classes, you will get medals that will be displayed on your profile in the app and in the class!



Meditating with a smartphone may seem strange to you, but – surprisingly – technology and spirituality can align quite effectively. It’s very simple: you have to download the app and with it you get the first ten free sessions. At the end of these, if you want to continue, you have to pay a monthly, annual or unlimited subscription.

The daily meditative workout that is proposed lasts ten minutes and is led by Andy Puddicombe, who in addition to being one of the founders of Headspace, is a former Buddhist monk graduated in circus art. Listen to Andy and free your mind.

What are the benefits? Many users – it seems that among them there are also Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow – report an improvement of their attention threshold and a sense of immediate calm.

Very useful, in our continuous search for inner peace within a life often and willingly too hectic.


Sleep Cycle

Is sleep another source of stress for you? Do you wake up every day with the feeling of not having slept well enough or not having slept well as you would have hoped? Then this wellness app is undoubtedly the one for you.

Sleep Cycle keeps track of your sleep cycle during the night, based on your movements and sound analysis in the area around you. The app will wake you up the moment your sleep is lighter or the most appropriate time to make you feel less tired and fit.

Obviously, since we can’t get out of bed whenever we want, it’s possible to change the time slot in which we want to wake up, from one hour to ten minutes: the shorter this time range, the less effective the app will be.


My Possible Self

If your worry is mental health, this wellness app can be the app for you: it promises to reduce anxiety and mental stress within eight weeks. The app is developed around the “Moments” feature, to monitor your moods and recognize every emotional pattern in your behaviour; the Modules feature instead allows you to take note of your moments of anxiety, stress and change that, as we know, are increasingly common events in everyday life.

Honestly, the number of hours of life gained will not have a fully substantiated scientific basis, but we believe it is a type of information with a highly motivational character.

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