5 reasons why going to Skillathletic Studio every day can change your life

Rooted habits reassure. The comfort zone, the daily routine of comfort in turn makes you feel good. This is the common opinion of many. In fact, according to science, introducing small new habits into our routines allows us to better understand how we live and what we do. To improve our existence day after day. Let’s take the training. How many of us train every day? How many of us think it’s healthy to do that? Many people have doubts about the effectiveness (not to mention the healthiness) of such frequent training.

Training every day at the nearest Skillathletic centre can be a good new habit, because it allows changing our lives for the better, without taking too long. Skillathletic motivates us to always give our all together with others who – like us – want to achieve our goals and improve their athletic skills.


If you are new to the Skillathletic world, you may wonder how this miracle of group training applied to Technogym equipment can change your life. Simple, it will challenge you to train like an athlete, day after day, having fun. By improving your movements, the details of your exercises, running will improve your life, in a continuous challenge with yourself and with others.

But how to find continuity in training? How can Skillathletic change your life for the better day after day?

Training is often good for you

Training is often good for you

For those who are reluctant to do so: Even rocks now know that daily physical activity is good for them. It also improves our psychophysical status. Studies by the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend a generous 230 minutes of moderate and sustained activity.

Day by day

Not only that: at least two days a week should be dedicated to muscle strengthening, involving all major muscle groups. A class of boost, for example, can train the whole body and limit the initial fear of the beginner. Do you want to improve your endurance and overcome the initial barrier of training? Then Boost, the Total Body Performance solution will be your best friend for the next few months.

Find the will to train today and forever

Find the will to train today and forever

Once the initial fear has been overcome, grasping the signals from our bodies is fundamental to finding the motivation to continue training every day. Keeping track of your body’s indicators (weight, BMI) is the best way to become a true fitness enthusiast.

Group training as a reason for socialising

Group training as a reason for socialising

Let’s exhale for a moment from physical reasons. Training together is better: the group formats were created specifically to get results even by those who have neither the time nor the right way to train.


It’s a way to take part in a competition and prove the value of your athletic skills. If that’s not enough, Skillathletic is also a way to socialize with others, whether it’s a teammate with whom to share the labours of an agility ladder exercise or an i-go-you-go on Skillrow, sharing the experience relieves the fatigue of both people.

Eat well to feel fit

Eat well to feel fit

As we begin to train more often, we will pay attention to factors that we may not have noticed before. Eating the right things before a high-intensity workout such as Skillathletic will help to get the best possible performance out and will avoid weighing down during the class or more serious problems.

If cooking has become an addiction, attention to the table has made food information a minefield: fake news, pseudo superfood, and the spread of social news has made everything potentially suitable for those, like us, who are starting a regular and daily training program. The more a product is present on our tables, the easier it is for it to become a victim of unfounded news and half-truths that, if not verified, can incorrectly influence our eating habits.

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