5 reasons why you should give HIIT a go

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT in short) is right now one of the most popular training methods on earth, appreciated by many fitness centres, studios and gyms goers. Initially, it seemed a too-good-to-be-true training methodology, guaranteeing too many results in a short period. Indeed, numerous studies and researches have been trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of HIIT in relation to various and different objectives.

In this scenario enters Skillathletic. Skillathletic is the latest frontier in HIIT, combining a training format designed to maximize athletic performance with cutting-edge technology. Its Boost class in particular, the entry level for those new to Skillathletic, is structured on the basis of this HIIT method.

It consists of a workout that alternates between high and low-intensity periods, usually in a 2:1 ratio. Preceded by a warm-up and followed by a cool-down, the time needed for the HIIT may sometimes seem short compared to other workouts, but just try it once to realize the physical difficulty proposed by the training.


So what are the reasons why you should try HIIT, and especially Boost? Here you will find the 5 main reasons that will convince you to join a Boost class. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

1. HIIT is never boring

1. HIIT is never boring


Finding the strength and motivation to train after a long day of work or study is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for many people. The monotony of training is one of the enemies for those who are not used to training as part of their routine. HIIT is a perfect alternative not to fall back into the boredom of traditional training.

Forget the long running sessions on treadmills or the usual fitness routine that makes you repeat the same exercises over and over for months, each class of Boost will be completely different from the other. The key aspect of this HIIT methodology is the ever-changing stimulus your body receives, which allows you to adapt to the use of many different exercises that will make each lesson unique.

By combining the use of small tools such as dumbbell or med ball, your bodyweight and the entire Skill Line, the combinations are endless and fun is guaranteed.

2. HIIT will get your body jacked

2. HIIT will get your body jacked


What motivates many people to start moving is the pursuit of a fitter and more toned body. Boost’s work intensity allows you to train not only slow muscle fibres (i.e. those that specialise in the aerobic mechanism), but also fast muscle fibres (typical of strength and speed training).

By stimulating the latter with intense movements and thanks to the use of some overloads, you can achieve an increase in lean mass, or muscles, which will help you to have a more toned and defined body.


At the same time, thanks to the short recovery intervals between the high-intensity peaks, the metabolism will always remain active, requiring your body to burn more and more carbohydrates and fats, thus ensuring a decrease in fat mass.  The combination of strength and endurance exercises typical of HIIT will be ideal for a significant improvement in body structure, which you will notice not only on the scale, but especially in front of the mirror!

3. HIIT will keep you healthy

3. HIIT will keep you healthy


In today’s society many physical problems are linked to a lack of movement and training. Excessive sedentariness or insufficient physical activity can lead to many diseases that can put your health at serious risk. Being overweight, or even worse obese, is often related to insulin sensitivity problems that can degenerate into diseases such as diabetes.

To that end, Boost can become an excellent ally to take care of your health: it has been proven that training consistently with HIIT improves insulin sensitivity, thus opposing the onset of diabetes.

What happens to our bodies when we stop exercising? icon-arrow-right

In parallel to this, if you have already tried some class of Boost, you will have noticed that training the Stamina cardiovascular system is working relentlessly. The heart increases its beats and the lungs dilate and shrink to carry oxygen throughout the body: the efficiency of these organs, combined with all blood vessels, is essential to avoid heart problems that often occur with increasing age. HIIT training will help you reduce the chance of heart disease and hypertension.

In addition to training your skeletal muscles, your heart and lungs will also be strong and healthy. Training with Boost will therefore help you in the fight against aging, keeping your body young and healthy.

4. You will always find the motivation to train hard during HIIT

4. You will always find the motivation to train hard during HIIT


We have so far praised many scientific aspects related to HIIT training, but how can you muster the necessary courage and start with workouts so intense and stressful for your body? The answer is simple: your motivation will come from the Skillathletic community! Compared to solo training, in fact, in Boost classes you will never find yourself just sweating and working.

Even if you probably won’t have the time to talk during the workout from the very first minutes (you’ll need to put all your energy into the workout), having someone on your side who trains with you will encourage you to never give up. No matter whether you’re your best friend, a top athlete or a beginner, the workout will be within everyone’s reach and the feeling of extreme fatigue will be common!


Furthermore, Skillathletic’s whole atmosphere is another key player to keep your motivation high. Indeed, the music that accompanies Boost will be your metronome to maintain the pace of execution of the exercises and will give you the charge to hold on, even when you see on the display that your beats reach the red band. And if that’s not enough, remember, the coach will always be by your side, ready to motivate you and push you beyond your limits!

5. HIIT will improve your mood

5. HIIT will improve your mood


After all this, you may still be thinking: is HIIT it really worth the effort? Isn’t a low-intensity workout enough? As we have already said, finding the motivation to go to working out is hard if you only think of the effort that you will face. Perhaps, during the first round of the workout you may think “I won’t get to the end, it’s too hard“. However, trust us, once it’s over you’ll feel great!

During a HIIT class, there are many biochemical mechanisms within your body that are closely related to physical activity. Hormones that positively affect your mood are released, even if you come from a day that didn’t start on the right foot. Therefore, HIIT workout affects not only your body, but also your mind.


Knowing that you’ve done your best and managed to complete the Boost session has incredible power over your self-esteem. At the end of the workout, you’ll think back to that moment when you wanted to give up while you were exhausted on Skillmill, or when you regretted choosing that seemingly too heavy kettlebell.

You’ll find that, despite everything, you’ve managed to complete the Boost lesson successfully, going beyond your expectations. HIIT training is incredibly tiring and stimulating. The more you train, the more you will notice how much you can do thanks to your perseverance and determination!

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