HIIT clothing for your Skillathletic workout: 5 must-follow tips

Practical or fashionable? Loose or tight? Colourful or black and white? They may seem trivial questions, but when it comes to HIIT clothing to wear for our best fitness classes, eventually, we need to come up with answers. Fashion doubts increase especially if we have become part of a tight HIIT community like Skillathletic, where we constantly find ourselves sweating together with other people and possibly new friends.

After all, HIIT workouts like Skillathletic and the results they bring are becoming magnets for new and former athletes alike. Therefore, these formats become a great vector to meet new people. And you know: our appearance is the business card with which we present ourselves.

Also for this reason, what we wear must fit like a second skin: our clothing, even for something so specific like HIIT, says a lot about who we are. Not to mention that, if our clothing is unsuitable, the workout itself may become less effective, when not the cause for stress and embarrassment.


Fashion brands are now competing to propose collaborations with sports brands and make the world of fitness cool. However, it is not only a matter of style. What we wear can also affect our sporting results, both from an athletic and mental point of view (increase in anxiety, decrease in self-esteem, insecurity, little practicality).

Therefore, what is the best possible HIIT clothing for the gym to keep giving 100% of ourselves in every Skillathletic class? Here are five practical tips for not slipping at the first dumbbell clean.

1. Upper HIIT clothing

1. Upper HIIT clothing


Let’s start immediately with a basic concept: unless we are made of the same substance as the mannequins in the windows of the most popular sports brands, there is no passe-partout HIIT clothing that fits us all. Therefore, the first thing to do is get to know each other well and be honest in front of the mirror and your own conscience.

This is the secret not to get lost in the dangerous labyrinth of all the HIIT upper gear proposals in the market. For example, the long-sleeved close-fitting t-shirt, in addition to being considered constricting by most people, is without a doubt one of the most difficult upper gear to wear.

If we are already in good shape, then the Thor/Cat Woman effect will be amplified to the delight of our muscles that will appear even more explosive under the tight T-shirt. If, on the other hand, we are at the beginning of our athletic journey and the body we would like to have is still all in our heads, then it is better to stay away from HIIT clothing so as not to risk the “hospital X-ray” or “compressed salami” effect.


Half sleeve t-shirts are undoubtedly a more democratic option. Better still if tight on the shoulders (to shape the shape of the back and arms) and softer on the belly/abdomen area, an extremely delicate area for both males and females. Choose breathable and technical fabrics, especially if we attend particularly cardio classes such as Boost or Fast.

Let’s remember that there is a big difference between technical and synthetic fabrics. Unless you wish to attend private fitness classes and forgo deodorant forever, stick with the first option. Another great classic of every fitness-club is the sports tank top.


It is definitely a sexy garment for both women and men, as well as being extremely practical because the upper limbs are completely free from any constraints. Be careful not to exaggerate with dramatic necklines or psychedelic patterns: the Jersey Shore effect, with this colourful HIIT clothing, is around the corner.

Vulgarity is always out of fashion!

Important side tip for every girl reading: upper underwear must ensure support but also freedom of movement. Therefore, no thin suspenders and underwired models: the only bra suitable for training is always the sporty one!

2. Lower HIIT clothing

2. Lower HIIT clothing


The choice between shorts and long gym trousers is as ancestral as the choice of mountain or seaside for your holiday destination, white or red wine on your meals, cat or dog as your pet.

If you opt for longer gym trousers, be careful not to slip into the pyjama effect. Rather, you should choose tight gym pants or leggings. There is no standard size for everyone: the volume of our shapes (legs and buttocks) will be the discriminating factor on the centimetres of fabric to be held or removed.

In classes where you sweat a lot, it is always good to have as little HIIT clothing equipment as possible on you. In addition, the movements must be free, so that the body can express itself to its maximum articular and muscular potential.


When in doubt, especially among boys, the option of tight leggings with sports shorts on top is quite popular. It is certainly a compromise that does not displease either the long or short trousers fans.

3. Accessories

3. Accessories


Accessories are an important part of our HIIT equipment because nothing like the details tells who we really are. Although it may sound like a phrase taken from the manual of young fashion sportsmen, it is certainly true.

Surely, among the most popular sports accessories in Skillathletic, there are those technologies such as, for example, the heart rate monitor always connected to the Skillathletic App that, on the screen, shows us how much we are burning and our personal values. Another hi-tech trend is the smartwatch, which can also be connected to our sports apps.

Other unmissable accessories in our HIIT equipment, if we want to preserve our soft hands, are the gloves. Be careful, however, not to lose grip with tools such as kettlebell or dumbbells.

For those who attend weightlifting classes like Skillathletic’s Mighty, these socks become an accessory not only stylish, but even indispensable to attend these classes. Try to perform deadlifts while constantly rubbing the barbell against your tibia and see how painful it gets.

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Shoes deserve a separate mention. Every sport has its own peculiarities that you should know and respect. On the market, you can find any kind of sports footwear, but often aesthetics is preferred to practicality and this is always a mistake. Lightness, adherence to the ground, flexibility are important characteristics of almost all Skillathletic classes.

4. Colours

4. Colours


It is said that urban style and high-end fashion contaminate each other. The same rule also applies to sport. Urban style has infected sports outfits dictated by sweatshirts, tank tops, wide trousers for men and tight leggings and tops for women.

However, colours remain an outlet valve through which many can unleash their creativity. A total black look is perhaps too austere and monastic. Especially when you attend a HIIT group class, this kind of HIIT clothing may give a too severe impression of us.

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In the same way, particularly exuberant looks, bright or fluorescent colours risk being too eye-catching, not to mention that they hardly suit the majority of us. Better to opt for monochromatic variants and alternate black shorts with a coloured upper gear or vice versa, so as not to exaggerate neither in rigor nor in conspicuousness.

5. The personal touch

5. The personal touch


Okay, your HIIT clothing must be technical, efficient, and possibly attractive. However, in a society where at the first squat you can find yourself tagged on Instagram or where you must not stop being sexy even when you sweat, the most important advice, once you have learned the basic technical tricks, is not to distort your nature. We give our outfit a personal touch.

In these workouts, where sweating also means making new friends, it is good to always feel comfortable, with suitable HIIT clothing that is not necessarily ultra-fashionable (if that’s not how we feel!). Indeed, we should wear something that does not make us clumsy, even at the cost of being out of the latest trends. There is nothing more attractive and performing than feeling good with what we wear.

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