5 abs exercises to achieve your perfect six pack

The abdominals, most widely called as abs, are among the most visible and worked out muscles by beach lovers and selfie addicts. The one goal everyone would love to reach before summer comes, the famous “six pack”, is an icon of beauty and athleticism so coveted by men and women from all places and social backgrounds.

Yet, to get these muscles “stand out”, all you need is to keep an eye on your diet and practice constant training. Fortunately, in each of the four types of Skillathletic classes, abs are constantly stimulated, thanks to workouts that maximise both their definition and power.

Likewise, when you cannot reach the closest Skillathletic studio, daily home training can also come to the rescue. In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 abs exercises that you can do everywhere to achieve your fabulous six pack. We recommend doing these abs exercises at least four times a week, though the more you do them, the faster you’ll reach your goals!

1. Leg opener plank on balance dome

1. Leg opener plank on balance dome


Plank is one of the most important abs exercises. For this reason, there are many variations, but the correct starting position is always where your focus should be. Position yourself with your forearms on the ground and stay on your elbows and feet, creating a straight line between your ankles, knees, pelvis and shoulders.

The pelvis must be in retroversion, to ensure your abs are working properly. Think about contracting the buttocks: this way, you will find that the pelvis will be in the correct position and you will avoid any back pain. To increase the difficulty of execution, place your arms on the balance dome with the spherical part facing downwards. In fact, the feeling of instability given by the dome will make all abs exercises even more intense!


From this position, lift one leg outstretched and move it sideways, then return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do not swing with your pelvis and try to resist as long as possible by increasing the frequency of movement.

2. Crunch with plate

2. Crunch with plate


If planks were among the most popular abs exercises, the crown for THE most popular abs exercises goes to crunches. However, to be able to stimulate your abdominals in the best possible way, adding weight will make your workout even more effective.

Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet resting on the ground, so that your lumbar area is close to the floor. Next, grab a weight plate (or kettlebell) you can lift confidently enough, keeping your arms outstretched towards the ceiling.


Start the movement by imagining that you have to push the plate towards the ceiling. Lift the shoulders and shoulder blades from the floor in sequence, until only the lumbar area is touching the floor. Then, return to the starting position and slowly control the descent. A few precise repetitions with a good load and you’ll feel your abs on fire!

3. Windshield wiper with med ball

3. Windshield wiper with med ball


Lie on the ground belly up and place your arms on the ground, with your hand palms facing on the ground and at the same height as your shoulders. Grab the med ball between your legs and swing from side to side in a slow and controlled manner, simulating the movement of the windshield wiper.

Start with a light load: you will immediately realize that this exercise will exert a lot of effort to your abs, especially to the oblique ones! Avoid excessive tension on other areas of the body: relax your head on the ground and press it hard with your arms and hands.


Make movements that are not too wide – you don’t have to go as far as the ground- and stop at the point where you can keep both your arms and shoulders firmly on the ground. Strengthen your abdominals more and more, trying each training session to increase the amplitude of your movement and the lock-in time at the end of each swing.

The Wellness Ball is one of the most versatile Skilltools, as it allows you to create an instability that makes your abs exercises much more intense and functional. Get on a plank position, with the knees resting on the Wellness Ball. Then, bring the knees towards the chest, by rolling the ball towards you. To complete the exercise, return to the starting position.

In this exercise, the rectus muscle of your abdominals is the most stimulated, though the use of the Wellness Ball forces you to correct continuously the trajectory of movement, thus keeping all the other abs muscles active.


A few slow and controlled repetitions are enough to benefit from the results of training for the abdominals.

5. Elastic band rotation

5. Elastic band rotation


Not all abs exercises are meant to be executed face of butt to the ground. Indeed, standing abs exercises will allow you to stimulate your oblique abs, thanks to the use of an elastic band. Unlike abs exercises with normal weights, using a rubber band will gradually increase the intensity of the exercise during the range of motion, by training the abdominals at each stage of the exercise.

Attach the elastic band to any support at the same height of your shoulders, stand by laterally and hold the elastic band joining hands. Slightly spread the legs for greater stability and stretch the arms forward. Make an explosive twist of the trunk in the opposite direction to the elastic, without changing the position of the arms with respect to the body.


Keep in the final position for one second and return to the starting position, keeping your abs tight during the whole movement. Always repeat the same number of repetitions on both sides and concentrate on counteracting as much as possible the force generated by the elastic band.

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