Active wear trends: tips and tricks to have a sporty chic style

Active wear, also known as athleisure, is the new irreverent trend that marks the union between two universes that, like Star Wars and Star Trek fans, until recently seemed irreconcilable and at odds with each other.

Athletic and glam-style

What we are witnessing is a real overcoming of bias and prejudices, which for too long have bound the female sports universe.

Sport and glamour: BFFs or archrivals?

Sport and glamour: BFFs or archrivals?


For a long time, common knowledge was that femininity and sporting activity could not match as well as in the male universe, where virility and muscle tone have immediately matched like they’ve been always meant to. Prejudices are always difficult to unhinge, but something is finally changing. Today fashion-savvy girls and women do not have to give up makeup or sense of style for the sake of workout.

Talking about stylish active wear trends, among the pioneers of female fitness, we must mention Jane Fonda, who for years has given advice on how to keep fit, but always wearing eye-catching neon-coloured leg warmers, spandex bodysuits (perhaps of dubious comfort), impeccable hair and makeup. She was one of the first living demonstrations that glamour and sport could very well work together.


Self and other’s people appreciation have always been a whim of many fitness enthusiasts, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting it.

Active wear trends, mixing fashion with sport

Active wear trends, mixing fashion with sport


It’s 2019, and fortunately technology in sports and textiles has made giant strides so much so that to date, no woman would ever dream of wearing a scruffy leotard to face Skillathletic and its 4 classes. Sportswear is now able to perfectly reconcile practicality with the latest active wear trends. Their fabrics, specifically designed to ensure the breathability of the skin and the comfort of athletic performance, have a wide palette of colours and usually come together with details that would fit better in a cocktail outfit than in some gym clothes.

Have the sneakers replaced stiletto heels and the gym bag the new designer bag? In a certain way, yes they have. The reason is simple. More and more haute couture brands are now offering, in their collections, sports lines for both professional and amateur athletes.

Active wear trends make use of innovative models and fabrics, to allow fitness enthusiasts to travel lightly to and from their fitness clubs and in style. Whether you’re busy in a Brave class or you’re making good use of the sweaty miles ran on the Skillmill to reach the location of your biodynamic aperitif, the burgeoning active wear trends may have the right answer to your needs.

Just think of the practical new down jackets, available in a wide range of colours, perfect for a healthy midseason aperitif after training. Or else, think about the countless sports tops and shorts that, especially in summer, which make a great chance to show off your chiselled physique after months spent swinging a kettlebell one Brave class after another. All this without counting the myriad of leggings, a comfortable garment, practical and fashionable on every occasion.


Even the bag, an essential accessory in the wardrobe of the perfect athlete and fetishized by the female audience has turned into a real game changer in active wear trends. Here, too, there is no shortage of choice to express your personality before and after training: materials and colours, in fact, can satisfy, in equal measure, the most sporty as the fashion addicted.

Active wear is practical and never trivial

Active wear is practical and never trivial


Athleisure is an extremely functional style. With a half-empty gym bag and by skilfully mixing sporty elements with very casual ones, you can get very glamorous combinations with minimal effort. The classic jeans plus a gym shoe, or a leather jacket or short plus a sports shirt are obvious examples.

In case we like to keep your clothes very separate instead, fashion houses around the world have now designed whole sports outfits, great both for training in the gym and for a social life outside the fashion boutique.

How active wear trends solve the makeup question

How active wear trends solve the makeup question


The sportswear market offers endless possibilities to satisfy your taste in fashion and accessories. However, what happens when we have to deal with cosmetics? Active wear trends offer endless possibilities even for those who do not want to give up makeup and a perfect hairstyle during and after training. When the athletic spirit goes hand in hand with a dynamic life full of social opportunities, it is imperative to find some tricks to cut down makeup time!

If for the hair, a practical ponytail has always saved sports performance, it also true that Rapunzel braided or short haircuts are becoming increasingly fashionable. However, when it comes to makeup, things get a bit trickier.


Living in a hurry, you don’t always have time to remove makeup before training, with the inevitable choice of either giving up on practicality or giving up on makeup. The risk of training with makeup, after all, is that of ending the Boost session with the grits of sweat that ply the face, revealing, box jump after box jump, a complexion paler than the one with which you began the class. Here, the trick is to start using waterproof makeup and a dash of sobriety!

Athleisure: a matter of lifestyle

Athleisure: a matter of lifestyle


Therefore, having noticed that it is possible to work out with impeccable makeup and to look fabulous in most social gatherings even by wearing fitness apparel, all that remains is to dispel one last myth about the frivolity of the female genre. Fortunately, today, femininity does not only pass through an aesthetic stereotype of makeup and clothes, and if it can be true that women are difficult to please when fitness and glamour are at stake, we all know that in the gym, the vainest, are and will always remain men.

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