The best sport gifts for our fitness-obsessed friend

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “it is not the quality of the gift that matters, but the quality of the heart of who gives it“. Surely, these beautiful words, full of depth and infinite wisdom, should enlighten and console us as we approach the increasingly difficult task of choosing a gift for our fitness-obsessed friend.

However, if we have not reached yet the enlightenment of the Dalai Lama and we crave instead for more earthly temptations like Amazon discounts, wild Black Friday shopping sprees and the pleasant thrill that only a swiping credit card can give us, then the time has come to be honest and put a halt on our Chinese wisdom. Let’s be real: we’ve all received some very sad gift and we all know how hard it is to smile as we unpack some ugly fruit bowl muttering “Thanks, I really needed it!”

To make a gift means to express affection and love to someone, but also to surprise him (or her) and to show that we have empathised with his (or her) needs. If the person in question is our fitness-obsessed friend, then the need to make a point with a beautiful gift becomes imperative.


One of the best ways not to make the wrong gift is to focus on the passions of those who will receive it. So, if your fitness-obsessed friend’s birthday is coming soon, here’s a list with the best gift ideas designed to target several hypothetical (but always so real) types of sportsmen.

The fashion victim

The fashion victim


Sport equals effort, sweat, sacrifice, but also social life and selfies on Instagram. The gym, or any other training facility, is the alcove of possible love stories or ardent passions consummated between a push-up and stretching exercise. For this reason, in an age in which love sparks between a kettlebell and a Skillmill, or where at the end of workout you may find yourself tagged in an Instagram story viewed by over 1000 people, to present yourself in the gym with the best look is a categorical imperative.

Therefore, if your fitness-obsessed friend falls into the category of fitness fashion victims, the ideal gift is something that combines the fashion victim side with the one of calorie burner and Instagram like-hunter. So let’s start with the essential accessory for any sportsman: the bag. Nowadays, fashion houses have plunged into the fitness industry and it is easy to come across ad hoc sports lines made by renowned luxury brands.

Thus, you can find handy and fashionable gym bags: from the most minimalistic, in total black, to the most glamorous and branded ones, the secret is to choose the one that best suits the personality of our friend. The same goes for t-shirts, leggings, hoodies and much more.


The 80s are back and the partnership between the most important fashion houses and the historic brands of fitness are sprawling. However, beware! Let’s not forget that sport must remain at the centre of the gift. Therefore, whether it’s an accessory or a garment, fashion must always be secondary to comfort and practicality.

The hygiene maniac

The hygiene maniac


Everyone has a hygiene maniac in his friends’ group. The one that always goes around with mints in his pocket and the sanitising hand gel for his and everyone else’s benefit. If our Mr. Clean is also our fitness-obsessed friend, then we know how hard it must be for him to approach a gym environment in all safety. Imagine as he enters a locker room and begins to enumerate the millions of bacteria that could live in a bench or a common shower.

Not to mention those common lockers!

Think about his stress as he uses the same tools without being able to sanitize them properly! Identify yourself in him and in the anxiety he feels when, during each class of Boost or a Row Ride Run competition, his fitness buddy high-fives him with a sweaty hand. Yes, that of the hygienic maniac with a passion for sports is certainly not an easy life.

If you want to help this unfortunate fitness-obsessed friend / hygiene maniac of yours, then the best gift idea is to buy him sports accessories for personal use. A very useful mat for example: be it for yoga or for classic abdominals (what could be better than lying on your own bacterial fauna without sharing it with others?). Not to mention the training gloves: always very useful in an environment where you are forced to come into contact with objects handled by anyone or where sweat may go everywhere.


For the dreaded shower time, then, a great idea are the mini sized bath products, even better if they are contained in a beauty case with a prehensile hook that allows not to place anything on the ground or in common containers. Furthermore, the use of portable footrests is getting more and more frequent!

The Hi-Tech sportsman

The Hi-Tech sportsman


Until recently, fitness lovers and geeks seemed destined never to meet. Far apart like two parallel lines, different like the corners of a scalene triangle or, to get out of the nerd universe and enter the sports world, distant like gymnastics and bodybuilding.

All this until the appearance on Earth of a new human species: the sporty geek. This new race of fitness-obsessed geeks is the evolution following the outbreak of technology in the world of fitness, which is slowly infecting us with innovations to improve our athletic performance and monitor our results.

Likewise, more and more computer geeks have got up from their desks and decided to break the routine with a bit of healthy physical activity. After all, the world of fitness is just like a big video game.


Look at the Skillathletic app, for example, where you can not only book your classes and stay informed on the latest news and trends, but you can also create an avatar, compare monthly workouts, measure improvements and learn more about your physical effort through a connected heart rate monitor. An excellent idea for your high-tech fitness-obsessed friend is indeed just that: a heart rate monitor to be synchronized with the appropriate app.

If your fitness-obsessed friend is also a running fan, then the best hi-tech gift idea remains, without a shadow of a doubt, a set of wireless headsets.

If your friend happens to be very dear to you, then the smartwatch should also be considered: water-resistant, sweat-resistant and equipped with special apps that, from breathing to sports habits, are able to monitor everything we need to embrace a healthy sports routine.


In short, for this new branch of fitness addicted, the hi-tech sector is constantly expanding and will continue to offer more and more ideas! Beware though: the only thing that has not yet been invented is an avatar that works out and burns the calories on our behalf!

The specialist

The specialist


We must be made aware of a great truth. Only two categories of buyers will always be impossible to satisfy when it comes to shoes:

brides and sportsmen

So, if the gift of your choice for your fitness-obsessed friend is a pair of shoes, make yourself comfortable, because it’s going to take a while. Here every detail is precious but, above all, it makes the difference.


Let’s take the different Skillathletic classes as an example. If your fitness-obsessed friend is a fan of Mighty then you’re going to pick a pair of weightlifting shoes. These specific shoes, depending on the brand, guarantee stability, but also mobility. On the other hand, Fast class lovers will be more oriented towards a type of light and flexible footwear, while Boost or Brave class addicts will be more facilitated by a cross-training shoe designed for training in the gym or on cardio equipment where it is essential to have greater contact with the ground.

All this is just to tell you that if you really want to enter the complex world of sports footwear, know that choosing the right one might be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

The health advocate

The health advocate


How many times have we been told that sport is good for us, but if it not combined with a correct diet, we only risk making most of our efforts go to waste? In layman’s terms, if your fitness-obsessed friends planks for 5 minutes straight but struggles to see the six-pack stamped on its abdomen, he has two options: first, after careful and recommended research, turn every snack between meals in a set of bars and energy supplements.

Alternatively, run to the bookstore and choose from the many cookbooks that combine sporty and healthy cooking. From tradition to vegetarian cuisine, there is room for every taste and every palate.


The only condition in the latter case is a dinner invitation to experience the progress of this new healthy cuisine.

The impossible to please

The impossible to please


If at the end of this long list you have not yet managed to find the right gift idea for your fitness-obsessed friend, then we are sorry to tell you, but he or she clearly falls into the sixth category: that of the impossible to please. So, if the set of tubular is never of the right colour, if the fabric of the shoes is too light or too heavy, if technology gets too picky or if recipes are too time-consuming, then there is no other solution than a fabulous gift card.

As trivial as it may be, it will free you from the torment of interpreting his wishes and let your fitness-obsessed friend discuss amiably with his own choosy and hard to please soul!

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