What are burpees: tips and tricks to burpee like a pro

Born in the 1930s as an agility, coordination and strength test, the burpee has become increasingly popular in the world of bodyweight workouts for its many benefits. Often known as a love-it or hate-it exercise, it is as simple in its execution as it is exhausting for the effort it exerts from the very first repetitions.

What are burpees

What are burpees

We can generically describe the burpee as a combination of movements that take you from an upright to a prone position and back on your feet after an upward jump.


It is an exercise that can be done anywhere, requires no tools and can be adapted whatever your fitness level. The burpee trains most of your body’s muscles while keeping the aerobic system active, providing all-around benefits for your body.

What muscles will burn the most with the burpee?

What muscles will burn the most with the burpee?


The secret to the effectiveness of the burpee lies in the involvement of the muscles of the whole body. Quadriceps, flexors, glutes and calves are the muscles most involved during all phases of the burpee, from the descending phase to the final jump, where your legs muscles will release all your energy.

Even upper body muscles like triceps, pectorals and shoulder stabilizers are involved from the moment you rest your hands on the ground. However, the muscles of the arms are smaller and therefore easily fatigued compared to those of the legs (unless you’ve skipped leg day for your whole life…).

In order to maintain a good frequency of execution of the burpee, you can simplify the movement and eliminate the push-up part, and from the position of plank return immediately to the ascent phase. On the contrary, if you want to train your arms more intensely, at the moment you’re closest to the ground, you can achieve a powerful push-up while preserving the linearity of the back.


Last, core muscles and the stabilizers of the spine are also involved in the burpee. Since the burpee is a movement that alternates flexion and extension of several joints, it is important to have control of the central area of our body during each step. Abdominal muscles also assist the hip flexors during the returning phase from the plank position.

How to burpee like a pro

How to burpee like a pro


Learning how to make a burpee is not complicated. You just have to get familiar with the sequence of movements that can be learned one step at a time, and finally connect them together for a smooth movement.

Start by standing up with your legs slightly apart. Flex your torso and knees, reaching the floor with your hands open in front of your feet. Keep your back straight and try not to lift your heels off the ground.

From this position, press strongly with your hands on the ground and do not bend your arms. Your shoulders should stay in line with your wrists. Jump with both feet until you reach the plank position. Bend your arms until you touch the ground with your chest. Conclude the movement pushing up energetically, so to return to the standing position.


Retrace the sequence backward and conclude the push up into a squatting position. Then, jump with your feet placed slightly apart, so as to facilitate the support of the heels at landing and to be more stable. Conclude landing into the initial position.

Mistakes to avoid for the perfect burpee

Mistakes to avoid for the perfect burpee


The burpee is an exercise that can be adapted to both beginners and experienced athletes, but it is important that the technique is always correct to optimize training and avoid pain caused by incorrect movements. While performing squats and deadlifts the heels are always in contact with the floor to allow the joints to function properly.

Likewise, in the burpee, when you pull your feet close to your hands from the plank position to get up, slightly spread your legs, direct your knees outwards and land directly with the entire sole of your foot. You’ll be ready to get up quickly and finish the burpee with the jump, without having to add unnecessary or damaging steps and adjustments to your knees and ankles.


As with all multi-joint exercises, the core is always involved during the various stages of the burpee. Be careful with each step in the plank position not to arch your back too much. If you find difficult to keep your abdominal belt active or if repetitions start to become more and more imprecise as you get tired, slow down the pace of your burpees and try to break down the movement in individual steps, so to focus on each step. By becoming familiar with this exercise, the mistakes will gradually disappear and you will be ready to increase your pace and burn calories safely.

What workout works great with the burpee?

What workout works great with the burpee?


Burpees can be used for different purposes, as there are many variations of the gesture that make them more or less intense. First, burpees can be an excellent tool for training cardiovascular endurance. Since large muscle groups are involved, the body needs more oxygen to obtain enough energy to make the muscles work. When you find burpees in the Boost workout, you’ll immediately feel your beats accelerate, your breathing will become heavier and you’ll start to sweat. Learn to keep a controlled and constant rhythm, and never stop!

If you want to train your muscle power, during the Brave classes you can benefit from the burpees in either the Stamina or the Power block. In this case, try to perform the burpee explosively in every step. Push up quickly, immediately call your feet to your hands and jump as high as you can.

Speed up the movement and complete the required number of repetitions in the shortest possible time. You’ll have the feeling of your muscles burning, resisting and training after training you’ll see that making burpees becomes a walk in the park.


Now that you know the basics of the burpee, you’re ready to experiment with the different variations that Skillathletic has to offer. You can find in your workouts either the simple burpee or the burpee combined with other exercises. Instead of the final jump, you can add a pull-up or a box jump to make this exercise even more intense, or you can do it by grabbing two Dumbbells to train your leg muscles more. In short, you just have to get to work and master the burpees to achieve your goals. Whether you want to train your muscles, improve your Stamina and burn a lot of calories, burpees will come to the rescue.

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