Feel the Skillathletic experience

Life is a collection of moments. From the time we wake up to the very list bit of TV series we watch before going to bed, we collect moments. Some are great, some are “meh”, others are terrible. For some, instead, we get to choose. We want those moments to be as awesome as possible, moments that we want to share with the world, to make our voice scream aloud “I am living my life to the fullest every single second”.

The same applies to the time you devote to your body. You can make your training session dull, in a grey, sweaty and dull environment, surrounded by nothing other than other people minding their own business, lifting their own weights. You can think, session after session “sure, I am working out and I am seeing some results, but is it really worth it?

Otherwise, you could live the moment, and work out in an environment brimming with life, lights, loud music and likeminded souls. An environment where feeling cool and part of a community is just as important as the way your body looks.


Trust us, your body will look great.

You can live this experience whenever you step into a Skillathletic club. Skillathletic is more than a training format or a walled room with state of the art equipment, devoted and energetic trainers and the best technology. It’s an experience that starts from the moment you step into the door of the club.

Here, every small detail has been conceived to make you engaged and pumped up for what you are about to do. Painted walls with artworks, props to make you stand out from the crowd of any social network, in three words, an Instagram paradise. However, how does the whole Skillathletic experience start? Let’s break it down, and if you are interested, check us out on Instagram or at any of our clubs!

Book your class

Book your class


Once you’ve registered onto one of our clubs all over the world, you can book the class you want to work out on our Skillathletic app! Registering is as easy as to like your crush’s latest post on Instagram. Once you’ve booked your spot, you can already see the workout of the day, getting ready for the class and start packing your bag.

You can choose between 4 different classes: Boost, Brave, Mighty and Fast. Each class is not only designed based on the aspect of your performance you want to train, but once you’re in, the experience you’ll live is going to be very different.

Try it and see it!

Waiting for the start

Waiting for the start


So, you’ve booked the class and you’re going to the club. What happens next? Well, the real experience begins only once you reach the club. Wait with your friends, your Skillathletic buddies, with whom you will share your workout successes and failures (everyone has slipped from the Skillmill the first time, don’t worry, by the end of the first class you are going to love it). Use the space surrounding you to have fun: the sky is the limit.


If you’re running short on battery, use this time to charge your HR monitor, you’re going to need it for what’ll happen next. Don’t worry, you’re just going to sweat. A lot. Last, put on the finest sportswear you have in your closet: never forget that looking at your best is part of the experience.

Work your a** out

Work your a** out


It’s time to rock and roll on the Skillathletic floor! Strap your HR monitor on your arm, and gather onto the centre of the floor. Feel the music pumping, listen to what the trainer has to say and increase your workout pace minute after minute. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to do an exercise, the coach will always be there to follow you in the correct execution of every movement.

Challenge your Skillathletic buddies and see who can finish a set first, who can lift the most without losing the dignity or who can run the fastest. Your goal here is to accumulate as many points as you can, to sharpen your athletic performance and to unlock those sweet-sweet badges on the app.


Do you see your icon on the screen turning redder and redder? That means that you are training well. You’ll have breaks every now and then. That is the perfect opportunity to crack a joke with your friends or crush.

Enjoy and repeat

Enjoy and repeat


Once the class is over and you have complete your stretching, it’s time to see how well you’ve done. You can track the results on the app and remember with fondness that one time your body was about to collapse because the weight you were lifting was simply too much.

After that, some celebrations are in order. Gather your workout friends and take the Skillathletic experience out of the club. As you linger on that hard earned craft beer, cocktail or glass of wine, perhaps you might like to repeat this whole experience once again, to feel the emotion of your heart racing against the clock to finish the workout, to post your photos on some of the coolest training club on earth, to live, once again, the Skillathletic experience. At this point, all you have to do is to repeat the process from step one.

If you feel like we’ve captured your immagination and want to know more, you are in luck! You can try your first Skillathletic Class at Rimini Wellness until Sunday, and understand what it feels like to be part of our great community!

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