Five tips to stay focused during workout

How many times did we enter the gym with the best of intentions and then, without knowing how, we found ourselves unable to complete even half of our exercise card? Time management is perhaps one of the main factors that contribute to making a workout effective or not.

It’s not always easy to stay focused: queuing up to use a piece of equipment, thinking about your daily worries, a sudden call… That’s when an hour of training is reduced to 30 minutes. It is no coincidence that the results are late to arrive, and that you’ll find yourself in front of the mirror contemplating all the time we wasted and the time we’ll need to retouch every selfie from here on end.

We are often so distracted by our surroundings that we don’t have the ability to stay focused, and we wonder how to stay focused during workout sessions. Other times, however, we look for any excuse (fatigue, time, appointments …) to do as little as we can. Therefore, how can we manage not to waste any time and to stay 100% focused on our workout at our fitness club?


If the gym is likely to become a sinking ship in a stormy ocean of distractions, here are 5 practical tips not to lose your concentration and keep your good intentions.

Get rid of your smartphone

Get rid of your smartphone


Let’s not deny it. For many of us, the smartphone has become an essential part of our lives. We can no longer conceive of a moment of rest without yielding to the temptation to tap that magical screen that is a door to all sorts of parallel realities. It ends so that, without realizing it, time gets out of hand.

For example, it could happen that, while we rest between a series and another, we give in to the seemingly harmless temptation to control what our friends are doing on Instagram and, what was supposed to be a minute’s rest, turns into 8 minutes of comments to stories and posts.

Not to mention that news on Facebook that caught our attention and that we could not help but read (another 10 minutes). Or the WhatsApp group made to organize the weekend dinner (a notification for each squat)!


How can we resist the temptation of a selfie to let everyone know that we are in the gym? In short, without even noticing it, we find ourselves having lost half of the time available to us and have thwarted the little dedicated to training: because work and rest times have never been respected. It is with great regret that we must say that one of the five tips for optimizing our efforts at the gym and stay focused is to leave the phone switched off for the entire workout time.

If, on the other hand, we use technology to monitor results, listen to the music that motivates us the most or track workout times, then it is appropriate to switch on the airplane mode of our phone. No fear. The world will go on anyway, despite our little offline break. You can recover notifications, answers and likes quickly when you are into the locker room.

Immediately, we’ll notice that our performances will be changing dramatically. Then, we will realize that one hour in the gym is more than enough to perform all the exercises and take the right rest times between one repetition and another. Not only that, but it will also make it easier for us to focus on the quality of execution, because we won’t be eager to finish the series of exercises in a hurry to answer to WhatsApp’s messages.


If you’re a phone addict, the first workouts without smartphones could be difficult (after all it’s a real detox process). Nonetheless, remember: you’re doing it for yourself… And for your follower-proof photos!

Trust the support of a personal trainer

Trust the support of a personal trainer


Every Fitness Club has guiding spirits that can ferry even the most distracted sports souls: we are talking about coaches or personal trainers. Nothing is more effective than training followed constantly by a good coach.

His watchful eye on the execution of the exercises, his motivational verve and his schedule will prove to be an effective compass, pointing straight to your best possible physical shape. There will be no excuse to skimp on the final repetitions or waste time chattering around the gym. A good coach will be able to turn your workout upside down, starting from time management and workout performance: try it to believe it!

Create middle goals

Create middle goals


Who said that imagination is only a source of distraction? Even the ability to stay focused on the goal for more than a few minutes can be trained. Just stay focused on your movement and divert your gaze from the statue-like body of those training at our side. One technique could be to use the imagination and create goals in between.

For example, setting the number of calories to burn on cardio machines, or counting how many repetitions you can perform in a minute and strive to maintain the same number in subsequent series. In short, it is important to find tricks that keep the mind busy about what we are really doing and prevent it from wandering in the labyrinths of our endless thoughts.

Go for group training formats

Go for group training formats


If we are easily distracted, bored by the weight room or incurable chatterboxes, then most likely our workout could be helped by new group training formats, such as Skillathletic, which seem to be created especially for all those who are not able to handle time and results in the right way. Skillathletic’s formula is quite the winning one, a High Intensity Interval Training to be performed in a group, where literally everyone will be too busy and too tired to talk. With classes targeted according to the various objectives (from weight loss to muscle strength development, from definition to toning) each work out is designed to get the most out of it.

Not only you will be forced to leave the phone and various distractions, but, under the guidance of a good coach, you will see a rare reversal of gear where a very short time taken in training (30-40 minutes) will bring results that are usually obtained after hours of gym training.


Therefore, if we have not yet tried on our bodies what it means to complete a class of Skillathletic, it is time to get off the ground, because it could be the key to success for the body shape that we’ve been chasing, distractedly, for a too long time!

Find a valid motivation

Find a valid motivation


Finally, let’s be real, if we are guided by a motivation that is important to us, no distraction will ever be up to the goal that we have set ourselves and there will never be any self-justification to the time dedicated to sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seemingly futile motivation or a very valid reason. What matters is that it is important for us: do we want to lose weight? Do we want to show our gyms friend that we’re sticking to the plan? Do we want to win a sports competition? Do we want those chiselled abs we see advertised everywhere? Your motivation is never stupid, especially if it pushes us to improve ourselves and makes us stay focused!

With these small, but valuable tips, the quality of our training will undergo a significant surge that will lead us to those results long chased and, at the moment, never achieved to the end! Let’s move!

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