Good intentions: why September is great for fresh starts

There’s no way around it. Sometimes, we have those moments where each of us feels the need to put his or her life in order. One of these moments is, like a yearly occurrence, January 1st. Christmas time, as we all know, makes everyone more optimistic. There is a strange atmosphere in the air. Perhaps, we have abounded with Christmas portions, perhaps we feel that we are at the end of the year and want to give ourselves a fresh new start.

The fact is that the intentions for a new beginning are always there. Then, as times goes on, every good intention fades, up to the point of remembering our New Year’s hopes and ambitions like delusional dreams.

Why is September the new January?

Why is September the new January?


Then September comes. This is the month when everything starts anew. School, university, work and the return to our daily lives after the holidays usually begin with our best intentions (once again!). Here, because of its seemingly renovating role, September can be seen as the new January. In fact, in many ways September has practically outclassed January. Starting from the meek 9th month of the years, it has become the definitive source of new intention, promises, and personal ambitions.

Indeed, have you ever thought about it? If January is like a blind date that gives you the thrill of a one night stand and disappoints you by never showing up again, September is there to pick up the pieces, to make you stronger through patience and diligence. Have you ever wondered why we feel so different about these two months?

We know. Why making such a metaphysical abstraction on the value of two months, when there are major problems to focus on, like this month inflation at an all-time high, the Arctic cap breaking down, or the spectrum of Brexit getting closer and closer. The reason is simple: your health should be your first concern, and every motivation you can muster to aid you needs to be addressed.

What fires up your motivation

What fires up your motivation


First of all, we can say with quite some certainty that September’s good intentions tend to materialize more effectively than January’s. That is hardly surprising. We emerge from our summer vacations a lot more self-aware and personal motivation. Unlike what happens during the Christmas time, when our relatives may tell us that we’ve become softer on the belly between one bite of roasted meat and the next.

It ‘s undeniable, then, that in September, after seeing so many sculpted bodies on the beach or after not having enough stamina to complete a mountain path, we tend to make comparisons, which lead us to a more conscientious choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the gym floor, a power lifting session or the toughest agility drill. Whatever strategy you choose, there’s no doubt that part of your upcoming paycheck needs to be spent to help your body feel better.

However, especially in the cases of gym subscriptions, we go completely bold and we choose to subscribe for one full year, with the only possibility to rescind this contract in the case of death. Luckily, this problem does not occur with the newest training formats, which adopts a pay-as-you-go formula a or a mild subscription with a specific amount of entrances.

In this way, to the very least you’re going to save the hassle of being labelled as the no. 1 philanthropist of the club, showing up maybe 3 years a month and paying for the full year. At the same time, also stalking fitness celebrities should inspire you to give everything you’ve got. When you’re feeling low, think about Dwayne the Rock Johnson with his biceps in constant expansion, David and Victoria Beckham always super fit in their late forties or even Richard Branson who, at 69 years of age, still posts topless videos on the beach, between a wakeboard and a tennis session.

Another fuel that lights our September’s good intentions is love. Or rather, its pursuit. How could it be otherwise? From May to the end of summer, we flocked from one wedding to another. Everyone is getting married around us, except for us. Could getting in shape and joining a fitness studio be a good way to meet the love of our life? Who knows, although to the very least we will have some fun trying to. Another inevitable September’s good intention is the desire to start eating healthy.

No more hands raised to the sky as we drink cocktail after cocktail listening to the newest summer song from Spain (because they’re always from there). No more last shots of the day. From September onward, the spirit of Gwyneth Paltrow needs to possess us, turning us into a guru of organic restaurants, zero-mile food, and Skillathletic classes. Then, you know, September opens to a whole new fashion season.

As you pray the new colour of the year to be black and you pull off the wardrobe scarves, large and woolly clothes, you notice that, once again on the cover of your favourite fashion magazine, there’s Cristiano Ronaldo who, with a tight turtle neck, embraces Emily Ratajkowski in a pair of fashionable pants that show her whole voluptuousness.

Yes… maybe September is the new January because the external stimuli are greater. However, whatever the good purpose we have tried to pursue, the hope is that September’s the realism joins our emotional drive, striking a good compromise between what we want achieve and what we actually can achieve. Then again, September is the new January also because second chances are always more effective than the first.

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