How to start working out again with Skillathletic

People react differently when they stop practicing physical activity for a while. Indeed, for some, it’s just a short break, while for others it’s the infamous pause preceding the definitive breakup from sports. After all, sport is a bit like a relationship: studded with high peaks of satisfaction and some physiological moment of crisis. Metaphors aside, everyone, even the most fitness obsessed, must have had a period of break from sports, which might have led to a subsequent hard comeback.

Is there a trick to start training again after a long break and to find that motivation and constancy even when they seem part of a remote past? Can Skillathletic be the key to make us start training again? Before answering these questions, it is important to analyse the different causes that lead to a prolonged abandonment of physical activity.

Why do we give up on physical activity?

Why do we give up on physical activity?

Each of us has his/her own history, but some factors may be common in identifying the cause of abandonment of physical activity. One of the main reasons is without the shadow of a doubt our working careers. After the moment in which every student can manage his or her free time as he or she wishes, the great step towards adulthood begins, made of boring bureaucracy, long office hours, uncomfortable trips and commitments that seem to stifle our private lives.

The time for friends and personal affairs decreases dramatically and, although reluctantly, the gym, or sports in general, seems to be one of the first leisure activities to perish under the shadow of mandatory commitments.

What happens to our bodies when we stop working out?icon-arrow-right

It takes nothing to turn from fitness obsessed to desk workaholics and that’s how, slowly, our body reacts to fast and unhealthy lunch breaks, wrong desk posture and slowed metabolism. In short, mood and body seem to bend towards the annihilation of our personal and athletic passions. Another great cause of sports abandonment is all that we can put under the umbrella of disappointments. These can be anything from missed or failed exams to emotional breakdowns or personal crises.

If you are not able to channel anger, sadness and frustration in a constructive way, the few spare moments you have, rather than being a moment to vent off, can result in emotional apathy and lack of self-esteem. The sofa and the refrigerator are at risk of becoming our only friends, even though we know that they are fake friends that will soon foot the bill in the form of extra pounds, physical and psychological decay and amplified discouragement. Not to mention family commitments, which today remain one of the main excuses to justify our neglect of physical activities.

Summing up, duty seems to swallow up any time we dedicate to our own passion. But would not loving oneself and spending time helping one to live better also the hours as a couple or as a family? Who said that sport is just pleasure? Don’t we also have the duty to take care of ourselves so to feel and look better? We have one body and we have to live with it for the rest of our lives. This simple statement should also serve as a warning to those who have lived an entire life in an athletic break.

That is, those who have never practiced sport, or if they have done so was only limited to the first few weeks immediately after enrolment in the gym. In short, the reasons that lead to stop working out may be varied. Then, how to start training again, this time for real? Here are some tips that may take you on the right tracks.

Tips to start working out again with Skillathletic

Do not procrastinate

Do not procrastinate

Surely, one of the tips to start over is not to procrastinate. There will always be an excuse (short time, personal commitments, lack of willpower to start working out again) that will weigh us down. Therefore, let’s try to adopt a positive attitude without demanding everything and immediately.

Eyes on the prize

Eyes on the prize

Let’s not lose our willpower by comparing the timid results of the sports recovery with the photos from when we were more athletic. Getting to know your body again requires more effort, greater sacrifice and greater constancy compared to those who have maintained an athletic habit over time.

Never lose focus of why you're working your guts outicon-arrow-right
Set short term goals

Set short term goals

Rather, comparing with your past self must be the source that makes you want to recover the lost physical shape. Therefore, set on some goals that can be achieved in the short to medium term. Once we have reached them, let’s insert new minor objectives: the road towards what we want will seem to us to be less long and impervious.

What best goals then a set of badges you can show with pride? Only on Skillathletic app!icon-arrow-right
Measure and monitor results

Measure and monitor results

Measuring and monitoring our results is another great help. Indeed, we tend not to have a clear personal judgement and we find hard to recognize the small progress achieved. Once we get the first results, then it’s a good habit to reward ourselves. Rewarding means loving oneself, and not living this remise en forme only as a sacrifice or a valley of infinite sweat.

Don't forget that to monitor your results you need the right gear! icon-arrow-right
Do not get discouraged

Do not get discouraged

In short, despite the desire and good intentions can be more or less encouraging, it is important not to be discouraged during the first efforts that, after a stop, are inevitable and common for each of us. Not giving up, making no more excuses and not blaming yourself are important tips. In fact, the road to mental and physical recovery is already paved with carbohydrates and lactic acid: let’s not create any other hurdle along the way.

Why is Skillathletic a great way to start working out again?

Skillathletic, with its high intensity workouts diversified according to the objectives, seems to be the best solution for those who want to get back in the game. In case you are wondering: no, Skillathletic is not a cure-all solution that will instantly make you ripped.

Rather, Skillathletic is a fun way of doing physical activity. Having fun, after all, is one of the key tips for not perceiving the return to physical activity as a sacrifice or self-inflicted punishment. If, on the other hand, sports have always been synonymous with pleasure for us, then here we could find another equally motivating reason: results. Through its high-intensity classes and circuits, Skillathletic encourages you to do your best in every training session. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, if you’ve had a busy day or if other reasons cloud your mind.

Once the workout has started, both your body and mind will strive to complete it. In turn, you will be rewarded immediately with the realization of what a tough workout you have just done. Another determining element for the success of Skillathletic with those who have recently resumed the training routine is the time factor, especially if we have very little of it. Compared to a common weight room, in fact, where it is easy to waste precious minutes between rows of tools, distractions, or setting up what we need, Skillathletic sets everything for you, optimizing every single minute you’re on the training floor.

Finally, we cannot fail to take into account group training as a determining factor for our motivation. Training alone is always very risky, because it requires the fortitude to stick to a routine. Unfortunately, this rarely occurs. Leveraging our commitment to a group helps us to stay motivated, committed and focused on the workout. Furthermore, start working out again with Skillathletic also becomes a reason to make new friends.

That’s why Skillathletic is not a miraculous potion for all those who want to start working out again, but it is definitely a winning key. Sport values, time efficiency, goal planning, fun and new friends are undoubtedly valuable allies to find the way back to the body that we once had or we never had! If you still have doubts, then, the only thing left to do is to try it and see it yourself!

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