What is in your gym bag? The 5 Skillathletic essentials

The gym bag is your very own training kit, which you can build with everything that may be valuable or necessary at the time of maximum physical effort of the day. Just as every self-respecting artisan carries a bag with all the equipment he may need, in the same way, in order to perform our best Skillathletic workout, it is essential not to leave anything to chance: especially when it comes to our gym bag.

The Skillathletic Training, unique in its kind, frees us from taking with us many training items. For example, you no longer need to remember to bring your gym card or earphones with you.


Nonetheless, before going into the 5 items that you cannot miss your gym bag, it is good to give some valuable advice on how to prepare the gym bag. Yes, because it happened to everyone to go to the gym forgetting some essential piece of clothing or to beg to every single soul in the changing room for a pair of extra shoes, or to have to become an acrobat on the way from the gym bag to the shower.

Practicality and Time Management

The first rule is based on the principle of practicality. Opt for a gym bag with several pockets or compartments and try to create a visual routine you can replicate day after day. If you don’t have a pocketed gym bag and you are instead a fan of minimalism, then another useful idea could be to have some plastic bags or waterproof fabric containers.

In fact, dividing clothes is not only a very good hygienic rule, but also, in this case, it helps us not to miss one thing as we pack our gym bag distractedly.


Time management is also essential. Packing a gym bag in the morning, especially when you slept badly and have inadvertently turned off the alarm clock three times in a row before rushing off the bed, will force you to do everything in a hurry.  Furthermore, remembering to fully pack your gym bag as the coffee maker whistles, the cat hungrily meows and you are brushing your teeth while slipping on the socks, significantly increases the risk of leaving at home one or more objects.

Good advice could then be to prepare the bag the night before. In this way, regardless of whether the awakening the next day is cosy and easy or hectic and chaotic, no one will take away the certainty of having brought to the gym everything you need.

The 5 must-haves in your gym bag

It may seem trivial, but knowing that you have everything you need in your gym bag is a determining factor in your sporting approach: it gives us the security and confidence we need in the effort we are about to make. Especially if the effort you need is for a Skillathletic class. What are then the five items that can never be missing in your gym bag?

1. Technical clothing: always look good

1. Technical clothing: always look good


Let’s face it. Clothing in sport is not only a matter of fashion but also of practicality. Everyone can then decide how to present themselves and, in the democratic fitness community, the doors are open to everyone: even to those who want to train with a regular t-shirt or some home comfy pants.

Style always pays off

Even in sport, where aesthetics meets technology. Training shoes, for example, should be different from the ones you wear with during the day, for hygiene but also for your performance.


Depending on the Skillatheltic class you attend more consistently, it would be good to prefer a specific type of footwear in your gym bag: ones with rigid soles for Mighty’s weightlifting; cross-training ones with a good grip on the ground for Boost; racing shoes for Fast agility drills. There is no doubt that in addition to shoes, the other essential items to pack into your gym bag are obviously t-shirts and training pants  (preferably moisture wicking and made with some innovative fabric).

If you handle the barbell often, especially during the take-off phase, when the barbell must remain in contact with the body, you may find useful to wear tubular or long socks that avoid the stigmata effect on the legs.


For the colours, rely on your inspiration and your inner conscience, but do not forget that the world of fitness is worse than Beverly Hills 90210 or the hospital lanes of Grey’s Anatomy, and often the opportunity to meet your soul mate is hidden behind the heaviest of the kettlebell.

2. Your best training buddy: the towel

2. Your best training buddy: the towel


Skillathletic classes are not Indian castes. Especially at the beginning, before addressing themselves, the most curious are tempted to try them all. But one thing is certain: whatever our “class of the day” is, we will sweat like brown bears placed into the African savannah, and the training floor, as well as the tools used in the workout, could turn into a shroud of sweat.

Forgetting the towel at home, in these cases, is not exactly the most pleasant thing, also because borrowing it from someone else is not so practical! Whether it’s Brave, Boost, Fast or Mighty: never forget to pack a towel (better if it’s made of microfiber) in your gym bag. You’ll wish it more than a lifeboat on the Titanic.

3. The most forgotten one: the shower kit

3. The most forgotten one: the shower kit


This item is the number one item we never place in our gym bag. Raise your hand if you have never heard, at the end of the training, someone wandering between one locker and another asking for of shampoos, slippers, deodorants and so on. The next billion-dollar business needs to be a bath vending machine right into every locker room.

A little attention and some strategy would go a long way in the packing of your gym bag. For example, we could just need to pack a mini-sized version of every toilet product we use in the morning to wash and prepare ourselves.


However, if we are incurably distracted, try at least to pack in your gym bag the deodorant! Nothing like a breath of fresh air is more essential during high-intensity workouts.

4. A quick (and healthy) bite

4. A quick (and healthy) bite


Those who, after years of vices or inconstant sessions in the gym, now, with Skillathletic, have embraced a lifestyle of fitness and health, know how lethal the kind of hunger that twists a stomach after a high-intensity workout can be.

After many calories burned on the Skillbike, after box jumps, push presses, squats and thrusters, the desire to bite any edible object with the same elegance of a Tyrannosaurus is unstoppable.

Experience our Skilltoolsicon-arrow-right

That’s why, to avoid arriving home or at the restaurant with a primitive hunger and binging on bread or junk food while waiting for the meal to be served or cooked, it’s always good to get organized by placing a snack in a strategic pocket of our gym bag.

Pick dried fruit or energy bars

In short, eat, but eat something that pauses your post-workout hunger while waiting for lunch or dinner.

5. The secret ingredient: your energy

5. The secret ingredient: your energy


Finally, try never to forget the desire to get involved, to have fun and to confront others and ourselves. It may seem trivial, but without this last ingredient, your gym bag will be empty of your personality, and so will the “weapons” you have carefully chosen and packed. In fact, we can borrow the soap, dry our sweat with handkerchiefs stolen from the bathroom, but nobody can lend us the will and determination to give our very best on the training floor!

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