How to avoid muscle pain during training

Training requires effort, sweat and determination, not necessarily muscle pain and suffering. However, during the training session, especially in high-intensity workouts, you may experience an unpleasant feeling of widespread or localized pain, which may undermine not only your ability to complete the exercise correctly, but also your enthusiasm to take part in the next Skillathletic class.

What if you start to feel pain during training?

What if you start to feel pain during training?


The first thing you should consider when you realize you’re suffering is trying to analyse what kind of pain you’re experiencing. Very often, it can be related to joint or muscle pain.

In the case of joint pain, which is sometimes more acute and persistent than muscle pain, an inflammation may be behind it; the advice in this case is to ask your coach, who will be able to direct you towards the best solution.

Fortunately, however, in most cases the feeling of pain that you experience during training is a mere muscle pain.

Each Skillathletic class always starts with a group warm-up phase that prepares your body for the daily session. Nonetheless, due to the different individual characteristics of the class participants, for some people the warm up phase may not be enough to warm up their bodies adequately.

Muscle Pain for Lack of general warm-up

Muscle Pain for Lack of general warm-up

You may find yourself performing the exercises when your muscles are not ready to be subjected to a certain effort yet. Lack of adequate warming up can therefore result in muscle pain from the first few minutes of training.

In this case the solution is very simple and effective: if possible, arrive at the gym about ten minutes before the start of your class and start an autonomous aerobic warm-up using the Skill Line. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to choose between Skillrow, Skillbike or Skillmill at a low rate, maintaining a constant intensity to immediately benefit from the results of an extra warm-up.

Thanks to this type of aerobic activity, in fact, you get a gradual increase in heart rate that promotes an increased flow of blood to the whole body, then to the various muscles that are thus gradually preparing for physical activity.

Muscle pain due to lack of specific warm-up

Muscle pain due to lack of specific warm-up

In other cases, general warmup may not be sufficient. If the muscle pain you experience is related to performing exercises that always involve the same muscle groups, it is likely that in this case you will need a more specific warm-up. Past injuries or postural attitudes related to your repeated daily activities may have caused you to have small postural imbalances.

An old retort during a soccer game or the dislocation of a shoulder during a fall on skis can sometimes lead to problems such as reduced mobility of the joint or lack of stability.

Talk to one of the coaches about the repeated muscle pains you experience during training, together you can analyse the exercises where you most frequently experience pain. At this point, the coach can recommend a small exercise routine that can help you warm up in these muscle areas.

The Skilltools are an excellent alternative (or addition) to cardio warming up before class. Elastic bands, for example, available in different resistances, can be useful both for a dynamic mobility work, and for realizing simple exercises to prepare specific muscle groups at the beginning of the activity.

As for the warm up on the SkillLine, take a few minutes before class to do the exercises suggested by the coach in relation to the basic movements that will be in the daily workout.
You will see that the results are immediate and you can train without any annoying muscle pain.

Warm up.
No pain.

Muscle pain from imperfect technique

Muscle pain from imperfect technique

If, on the other hand, muscle pain occurs only occasionally, then it may be the result of an imperfect technique or the wrong workload. When we first approach new exercises, our body has not yet learned the correct execution of the movement because it still does not know the motor pattern to follow.

Often it takes weeks, if not months when we talk about complex lifts such as those proposed in a weight class like Mighty, to get to mechanize the gesture correctly.

During the first phases, you may incur technical errors that cause muscle pain during training; fortunately during your Skillathletic sessions, you will never be alone in the execution of the exercises and the class coach will always be ready to correct you and help you if he notices your wrong movement.

On the other hand, when you feel confident in your movements and want to stimulate your body to increase strength during a Brave class or endurance during a Boost class, you need to increase your workload. This means not only adding discs to the balance or choosing a heavier handlebar, but also varying the number of repetitions of lunges performed in a given time interval or accelerating the pedalling pace on Skillbike.

An excessive increase in load could cause you muscle pain during training, so it is always good not to go from one workload to another too abruptly. Always ask for advice from the coach who, thanks to his skills and evaluating your technical level, will know how to guide you on the choice of the load in relation to the classes and the workout, so to avoid experiencing any kind of muscle pain during training.

Reading this article you must have probably been reminded of that time when you suffered such intense muscle pain that you thought about throwing the kettlebell on the ground and leave.

Don’t worry, it’s happened to everyone: but by always looking for the cause of the pain, following these tips and asking your trainer for his advice that you’ll be able to overcome any pain from the start and train better and better – or at least without suffering unnecessarily.

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