How to reward yourself after a workout

We all know that training requires perseverance, effort, commitment and many other characteristics that leverage on the most heroic part of ourselves. However, let’s look reality right in the eyes. If it is true that in each of us there is a small daily superhero, it is also true that life is also made of joys and mere personal gratifications, which are essential to carry on the path of fitness penance in the long run. Rewarding yourself after a workout becomes as important as the workout itself.

We know very well what happens after a high-intensity training such as those offered in many clubs or Skillathletic boutiques, because most of the time we have tried it on our own body. We know the effort of completing the work out of the day, the sweat we pour on every single push up, that sensation of lactic acid paralysis that every time we get up from the chair reminds us of the 150 squats we have gone through the night before, during our latest Boost class. Well, these are all familiar sensations.

Then again, in the end, when does the fateful moment come to reward ourselves for all this effort? Above all:

how do you reward yourself after a workout?

Why rewarding yourself after a workout is important

Let’s start by saying that rewarding oneself does not mean indulging in unbridled celebrations. They are two different concepts. We know, after all the miles you’ve churned on the Skillbike, as you’ve suffered through the screams of  the coach shouting to increase the slope to the rhythm of Highway to Hell, the first thing that comes to mind during the climb is the family format pepperoni pizza and chips that you want to order for dinner along with three cases of beer. However, when we talk about prizes we don’t mean that.

Your results are the biggest prize

Your results are the biggest prize


Rewarding yourself means finding out what really makes us feel good. To do this, you need to learn to focus (and celebrate) the small improvements, thus avoiding slipping into emotional discouragement and stopping your workout all at once. It is therefore necessary to set intermediate goals and not think that you can achieve results that require months and months of constant dedication in a very short time.

Instead of that Skillbike, there could be a wonderful 1960s convertible driving to unexplored lands. We can imagine diving on the road and, unless like Thelma and Louise the police are chasing you, you don’t have to point straight to the US-Mexico border. Let’s learn to enjoy the journey. We know where we want to go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t divide our journey into stages and enjoy the scenery.

To be rewarded therefore means to recognize and rejoice for the first small daily conquests without focusing only on the final distant objective: to congratulate yourself for the first lost size, for the first received compliment, for having some breath after the first three floors of stairs.

Recognizing one’s progress on this journey called fitness is essential to be able to measure them step by step. We can then meet the numerous industry apps that help us to monitor our results such as the mywellness or Skillathletic app. It is a way to keep the improvements at hand and enjoy the small results of each training session.

Free the mind and reward your body with a massage

Free the mind and reward your body with a massage


It is then important to reward ourselves by giving our body some respite and help it recover. Don’t deny that sometimes you end your workout lying on the floor like a dehydrated antelope under the scorching sun of the savannah, skipping stretching and flying towards the shower. Stretching, however, as well as being a fundamental moment of training, is also a moment of pleasure to reward your body from the efforts just ended.

If then, rightly, the idea of rewarding yourself after a workout overcomes the roaring emotion of touching your toes with your hands, then you can think of a more satisfactory reward such as, for example, a loosening massage to relax your muscles and relax your emotional tensions. Do you not have a masseur or a physiotherapist at your disposal? Don’t worry: if the goal is just to gratify yourself with a muscle relaxation, grab a foam roller and close your eyes working with imagination. Self-help is the best help!

Treat yourself with some nice food

Treat yourself with some nice food


Objectively, however, one does not live only by sporting gratification. Guilty pleasures are always around the corner. We must therefore learn to distinguish between the concept of gratification and that of consolation. In fact, we often take the refrigerator as our stress relief valve. If the prohibiting hunger that binds us right before we work out subsides, we may discover that to reward yourself with food you do not necessarily need to devour boxes of biscuits and snacks.

Taken in reasonable doses there are many tasty foods that are good for body and mind: have you ever tried to replace the inevitable post-dinner dessert with a little ‘extra dark chocolate or with a Greek yogurt with nuts and honey?

Food is not the only way to gratify yourself. Do you want to feel the joy of fitting into a size where we feel more comfortable in or buy some new clothes because you can now wear them, without the fear of having to cover those imperfections that you never liked? In short, rewarding oneself is good. However, as in all things you have to do it the right way: aim first at your wellness.

Share your progress with the world

Share your progress with the world


Another secret, in this social era, could be to share your progress. Not that our happiness must forcibly pass through the judgment of others. However, let’s not kid ourselves: it’s always nice to take some healthy personal satisfaction by showing off to those who did not believe in us that, not only we have not given up on our training, but now we have finally managed to get the first tangible results.

Rewarding yourself after a training session also means sharing on social networks the emotions you experience during your trip: the route you took today, the group training with your class, the coach’s advice. In short, rewarding oneself also goes through sharing your joy with others.

Then, the best advice to reward yourself is always to have fun. Better yet, to find fun where our prejudices saw only sacrifices and effort. If the goal we set ourselves is a reason for joy, then the journey undertaken to reach it must also be a reason for joy: the right music, the right company, the right personal gratifications.

In short, rewarding oneself is a fundamental part of our sporting path because, just like sport, it is an important opportunity to get to know ourselves a bit better, to look inside and to understand what makes us feel good.

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