Workout, weight loss and pineapple: busting some myths

Nowadays, healthy and workout-focused diets have become a real field of challenges, trends and curiosity. The maniacal attention to what we eat and the yield it has on our body and on our workout has turned nutritional information a minefield of numerous fake news, and fertile ground for the creation of false myths.

The more a product is present in our protein shakes and generally in our diets, the easier it is to make it the protagonist of unsupported news that, if not verified, can influence our eating habits for the worse

Pineapple is no exception. The exotic fruit par excellence, pineapple is now omnipresent in our diet thanks to its attributed benefits. Furthermore, its sweet-and-sour taste has taken Western Cuisine by storm, so much so that pineapple is today readily available in every supermarket all year around. Rich in vitamins (especially C, but also A, B1, B2 and B3) and minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium), pineapple has immediately become one of the most talked about fruits and always present in snacks before workouts.


However, as it always happens when thousands of pieces of information circulate around one specific subject, not all of these beliefs correspond to the truth. Here, we’ve decided to focus on some of the most popular beliefs about pineapple and its combination with physical exercise.

It helps burning fat: Nope

It helps burning fat: Nope


This is surely the most deeply rooted and popularised myth about pineapples: pineapple burns fats. We have heard this so many times that, at least for a moment, we thought we could replace our training sessions with pineapple-based meals, sitting comfortably on the sofa, and get just as slim. The common understanding was that, in the post-prandial phase, some of its mysterious enzymes were sculpting our abdomen and burning fat on our hips.

Obviously, this notion is false. Pineapple, like any other food, does not burn fat. However, why has this false myth become so common in the collective imagination? The belief is based on the properties of Bromelain, a substance present mainly in the pineapple stem and to a lesser extent in its pulp.


Bromelain, however, as numerous studies have shown, favours the digestion of proteins, which in reality is very different from burning calories and fats! That’s why thinking about eating pineapple, after months of junk food and physical inactivity, will not turn us into Baywatch starts! Therefore, even for this month, if we really want to burn fat, rather than eating pineapple we will need to join Skillathletic and start getting our body back in a Boost class!

It's a great pre and post-workout snack: true

It's a great pre and post-workout snack: true


Pineapple is rich in water (the pulp alone is almost 80% water) and is present in almost all low-calorie diets. In fact, 100 grams of pineapple contain only 50 kilocalories, most of which are carbohydrates, easily assimilated for an immediate injection of energy. Such a quality makes pineapple a good snack to be had right before workout.

Moreover, we must not ignore the anti-inflammatory function of bromelain, which seems to prevent muscle damage in the post-workout phase. For this reason, it is one of the most recommended fruits for those who practice high intensity sports or circuits such as the Skillathletic’s Brave classes. Its intake helps to hydrate the tissues after minutes of uncontrollable sweat and helps to appease the feeling of post-workout hunger, which is not controlled ruins all the efforts just put on our killer Skillbike cardio session.

It reduces acidity and promotes digestion: Absolutely

It reduces acidity and promotes digestion: Absolutely


The high presence of bromelain makes pineapple the best ally of digestion (it breaks down proteins and facilitates their digestion). Its enzymes, in fact, mitigate the symptoms stemming from gastric disorders, favouring the reduction of acidity in the stomach and intestine.

Pineapples also contain organic acids (citric, malic and oxalic acids) which give this fruit a diuretic action. It is for this reason that it is right to consider pineapple as a digestive food, especially for protein-based foods such as meat and eggs.

It fends off cellulite: It depends

It fends off cellulite: It depends


Here is good news for all sportswomen: pineapple has a great drainage-enhancing action. The organic acids present in its pulp favour the drainage of liquids, performing an effective diuretic action, purifying the body and combating water retention and cellulite.

In short, eating pineapple could work better than any Instagram filter, not to mention that it is also tasty! Clearly, to be effective, this function must be associated with both cardio and targeted strength training.

It helps you lose weight: It depends

It helps you lose weight: It depends


Okay, pineapple doesn’t burn fat, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw away what we have just bought. On the contrary, as previously mentioned, its beneficial properties are many and among these we have emphasized its contribution in low-calorie diets.

Obviously, the fruit itself does not make us spontaneously lose weight. However, if we start feeling a strong crave for sweet stuff right after we’ve worked out, eating a few pieces of pineapple can be useful to quench our hunger and consequently to monitor the compulsive desire to ingest any food we happen to have in front of us.

In fact, by eating some, we are supplementing our body with water, minerals, vitamins and many fibres, not to mention that we are satisfying our sweet tooth. That’s why many nutritionists and dieticians continue to indicate pineapple as one of the fruits to be privileged in diets.


Pineapple is certainly an ally of our physical form, though you shouldn’t attribute too many unfounded properties or unlikely virtues to it, and get well informed before you believe in untrue news. Therefore, be wary of pineapple-based supplements passed off as miraculous fat burners or of hasty DIY diets based on unfounded or sloppy news.

At the end of the day, the only way to tone your body and lose weight is through a controlled and balanced diet and constant physical activity. Pineapple does help and should indeed be inserted in any slimming diets, though it must be clear that its role is complementary to a healthy lifestyle. This explains the association of this fruit with HIIT training formats such as Skillathletic, especially when the desired goal is weight loss and body slimming!

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