Resistance training: good for body and mind

Not only the body, but also the mind will benefit from resistance training. Skillathletic classes like Mighty and Brave, where power and stamina components are predominant, can give you that extra edge not only physically, but also mentally. If you love strength and endurance training and want to test your athletic skills to the nth power during training, try a class of boost or mighty can be just for you.

In this article, we will discover the benefits of resistance training in Skillathletic classes on the body and on the mind. This is due to several reasons: Skillathletic allows you to live a complete training experience, where functional coexists with cardio and strength.

Why choosing a Brave class to train your strength? Why exercise and resistance training are good for the body and mind? Let’s discover this together in this article.

Why is it good for your body?

Why is it good for your body?

Let’s start from a definition: physical exercise is a human activity that allows to improve the state of health and fitness, characterised by a series of structured and programmed gestures with rhythmic movements.


In addition, other objectives for those who practice it is to obtain an ideal shape with proportionate muscles and to achieve health. One of the best ways to reach this goal is weight training. Structured and programmed training will lead to better growth or increase in muscle mass (hypertrophy). Alterations in load, frequency and duration of activity lead to specific adaptations due to the nature of the stimulus. Human skeletal muscle mass is a consequence of the balance that is generated between the synthesis and breakdown of muscle proteins.

Resistance training, found in the Brave and Mighty classes, is characterised by repeated muscle contractions that involve rapid engagement of muscle fibers and stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. When combined with adequate nutrition, physical exercise improves muscle strength through an increase in the radial diameter of individual muscle fibers, a process called hypertrophy.

Why is it good for the mind?

Why is it good for the mind?

How’s that? Simple. If you’ve been struggling anxiously with your mind lately, you’ve probably been visiting your doctor for help, and you’ve been told to consult a specialist. Not a therapist though, it’s likely that your appointment took place at the gym, with a personal trainer.

According to research published in Sports Medicine, there is a possible cure for these problems, and you can find it at the local gym, possibly in the weight area. More research is needed to confirm whether strength training could be as effective as existing treatments like drugs, the authors say, but this study certainly reveals promising results.

The strength in a Brave class

The strength in a Brave class

Those who attend a Brave class tend to prefer this type of training because they practice it to increase their muscle mass. The day after the muscle soreness will be such as to make walking almost impossible, however the gratification towards a result brought home and the obvious improvements, class after class, will give everyone an extra gear to return to train even more motivated than before.

The strength in a Mighty class

The strength in a Mighty class

Choosing to attend a Mighty class means having some experience with weighing to perfect your technique. It is easy to find the “precision” satisfied and is always ready to receive attention and suggestions from the coach, but also some “expert wannabe” who is looking forward to juggling the part of the strength loading the barbell to the point of Squat session.

The class is open to everyone, even beginners who, rightly, before increasing the kilos on the balance want to learn the technique and how to increase muscle mass without damaging joints and back.

You’ll feel like a little Arnold Schwarzenegger or a contemporary Wonder Woman. The “bigger” effect is not immediate, even if the mirror might lead you to think of it (it’s called the placebo effect) but above all, what matters is that you’ll feel more confident in the technique and more convinced to dare during other workouts where the use of the barbell is planned.

Therefore, resistance training is totally beneficial for both mind and muscles: it significantly reduces depressive symptoms, regardless of how many kilograms they have lifted, and of general health conditions: it is not necessary to replicate Schwartzy’s entire training program to combat the symptoms of depression.

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