Running, sledge mode and agility run. How to use a treadmill with Skillathletic?

Skillmill is the only non-motorized magnetic treadmill that combines power, stamina speed and agility training. With Skillmill and Skillathletic Training, you can participate in high-intensity workouts that improve performance and offer new training modes with a remarkable variety of solutions. As for any type of equipment, learning the basics of running on Skillmill and the possible exercises is essential to achieve a smooth run on this unique curved treadmill; this also to avoid any injury or – even worse – to fall in front of everyone during the class.

Depending on the type of training in the Skillathletic class, it will be possible to select different levels of reactive resistance thanks to a special technology. By simply moving the lever from zero to maximum, the user can move from a race with zero resistance to one with push at maximum power.

When you get on Skillmill you will notice that the cardio training is not the same as with a normal treadmill. Furthermore, it allows you to train on the stamina or the ability to withstand fatigue. But what is stamina? And how does Skillmill work? How do you get the most out of this incredible piece of training design?

It is not surprising that training on Skillmill, especially in an entire Skillathletic class workout, is one of the best ways to improve your running and to achieve your goals. For example, by training in a Fast class, you can learn to improve your coordination and reach new peaks of speed, without running the risk of burdening your joints and muscles, thanks to its agility component. Similarly, to strengthen all the areas that are subject to considerable physical effort during the race, training with Boost and its focus on Stamina and Power is particularly suitable to better define your body.

Thanks to its unique design, Skillmill offers multiple training possibilities.

How Skillmill works

How Skillmill works

Go go go!

By setting the resistance lever with its multidrive technology gear system, it will be possible to train on a scale from 0 to 10, moving from a total speed training to a power one. From 0 to 5 you will train stamina and speed, while setting the lever between 5 and 10 you can train power. Then there are the handles, both straight and curved: the latter will help you to train during strength and push exercises. The monitor in the middle of the low handle will allow you to check the main training metrics such as speed, distance, training time and watts developed to adapt the exercise to your needs.

In a Brave class, meant to train power and stamina, you’ll be working on power and fatigue resistance at the same time. This means that you will sweat a lot and that your muscles will be sore at the end of the class, therefore you will have to sit or stop moving for a while…this if you manage to finish the class of course!

During a Brave class you will be required, together with your teammates, to g on the Skill Line equipment and give your best by increasing the resistance available. More specifically, your team will have to give their best on Skillmill at a medium-high resistance, between 4 and 7, to reach the maximum distance possible.

1. Training Power and agility with Skillmill

1. Training Power and agility with Skillmill

Strenghten up!

Skillmill’s straight and curved handles allow you to perfectly position yourself for various power-based push exercises. Using the handles in front of you, you can replicate the thrust of a sled, either with outstretched or bent arms. If you want to try something strong, the high resistance side thrusts will do the trick for you. All this by using your energy to feed the movement of the carpet.

Agility training on Skillmill will improve coordination and motor patterns with different exercises such as cross-lateral running, two-in-ones and two in twos, using the side handles to stay firmly on the treadmill.

2. Training speed with Skillmill

2. Training speed with Skillmill


Like many other treadmills, Skillmill will allow you to switch very quickly from race mode to sprint mode without additional adjustments. The sprint is the most trained feature of the treadmill’s no-resistance mode, so you can work on your speed dynamically. During the Brave classes in max speed mode, you’ll notice how much this wonderful and hellish training device will make you sweat, while training your speed and endurance. Two birds with one stone.

3. Train the stamina with Skillmill

3. Train the stamina with Skillmill

Continuous exercise over long periods builds up resistance on Skillmill. In this way, you can combine increased distances with speed training on Skillmill to improve your fitness, aerobics and anaerobic.

If you play football, for example, good general resistance to fatigue is essential to be competitive, and the term ‘stamina’ identifies precisely the ability to maintain over time a cardiovascular work of medium to high intensity, which also includes moments of anaerobic efforts, typical of shots and jumps.

Using an innovative tool like Skillmill is an invaluable help in designing specific programs aimed at stamina improvement and development of all the different components of fatigue resistance.

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