What it means to be part of the Skillathletic community

The human being is a social animal by nature. The need to communicate, to establish common values, to feel part of a community is intrinsic to each of us. Since our school days, we’ve created communities akin to our own identity. We selected people to be recognized as our fellow human beings, with whom to speak a common language and to share passions, interests and objectives.

All of us, sometimes without realizing it, have been part of a small school community. From the nerds to those sitting at the very end of the class, from the coolest kids in the class to the shiest ones, everyone has always identified himself as a member of a larger community, to feel special, to feel understood. Each of us, willingly or unwillingly, has been attracted and clustered with a community that has made him stronger, safer, more loved and less alone.

Over time, the concept of community has extended to the working, social and, of course, to the online environment. Being part of a group becomes essential to better share our experiences and to form a sense of individualism.


Yet even today, with social networks, video calls and group chats sprawling, there is no larger, tighter and more successful community than the sports one. Obviously, Skillathletic is no exception. On the contrary, group training remains the best formula to make new acquaintances, strategic alliances, friendships and even loves.

Therefore, just like in the days of school, peers look for their peers and, once spotted, complicity ensues. In this light, what are the different people that inhabit the world of Skillathletic club? How many different faces, lives and backgrounds do that microcosm contained within the 4 walls of a club consist of?




There’s no reason to hide it: only new members can understand the need and desire to make new friends. After all, we’ve all been there. We all had that frightened look at starting the first Boost or Brave class. We all tasted that fear of public shame were we to fall from the Skillmill.

Finally, we all felt embarrassed to ask the coach to repeat the execution of a clean & jerk while around us the others seemed to have perfectly understood everything.


In short, it is natural that newbies are the first to look for friendly faces to seek the challenge, to whisper, to become stronger. Sharing the same feelings, newbies can get more involved and compete with veterans, animating the training floor with new vitality.

Workout enthusiasts

Workout enthusiasts


If Skillathletic were a school class, this group would be the equivalent of the geeks sitting in the front row. They are the experts in the field, the ones who start the warm-up before the coach even explains the training. They are the ones who compare on WhatsApp their 1RM Back Squat. They are the ones who always work out in a group to see who burns the most calories. In short, they will always have a justification, but workout enthusiasts only talk about fitness and spend more time on the Skillrow than at home.

Within the Skillathletic community, you can recognize them immediately for their physical connotations. You could grate hard cheese on their abs, while their buttocks are made of the same substance of the kettlebells. Not only that. During the workout of the day, they all have a heart rate monitor to track their workouts and compare the results between them.

Let’s face it, approaching them may seem almost impossible to the rest of us mortals, but then, once you overcome the initial astonishment from their Greek statues-like bodies, it turns out that they are human beings, just like us.


Like us, they suffer during training and feel the magical emotions that only lactic acid can give on the next day. Despite their apparent perfection, we like fitness enthusiasts, because they embody and share the highest values of sport:

commitment, perseverance and discipline.

Students far from home

Students far from home


When you go to study in a new city, far away from home, there are three great paths you can take to make new friends: your university, your shared apartment and your gym. Doing a Skillathletic class can help you discover a universe of cultures and dialects, turning your club into a real anthropologic encyclopaedia.

Regardless of the birthplace of these people, everyone is united under the banner of sports and making new friends becomes much easier becomes the funniest way to make new friends.


How to identify them? Apart from their contagious vitality, they are immediately recognizable: they are the fittest before holidays and the most out of shape on their return!




If opportunity makes you a thief, the gym can take you to life imprisonment. Singles are a constant in the Skillathletic community, where, between group workouts, Cupid’s Bow can shoot at everyone.

The gallantry, the joke and the complicity do not stop even in front of the last burpee. Singles know it well, and they are usually the best dressed in every class. Indeed, it’s precisely that “you may never know” feeling that could make any group training special!




Who said that sport is just effort and sacrifice? Ask the partygoers. They don’t just live the Skillathletic community. They animate it. They are the first to participate in every Skillathletic event: from the club’s anniversary to a Row Ride Run competition, from the coach’s birthday to a sports trip.

However, they are also the first to organize the nights out and involve the entire community. Weekends out of town, brunches, tables at the disco. For them, every occasion is good. Also, if you exaggerate with the festivities, fear not! There will always be a workout, the next day, in which everyone finds himself burning the calories gained drink after drink!

Whether it’s students, workers, sports or gossip enthusiasts… these are the faces of the community, the beating heart of Skillathletic. Their interests, their attitudes, their stories are unique and precious. Their training motivation is very personal. However, what unites them, in the end, are the most precious values of this great community.


The desire to get involved, to work out, to improve and, why not, to grow and discover new people and new life choices. It is no coincidence that during every Skillathletic class new friendships begin.

After all, we’ve all have searched for, given and found in our workout buddies the right advice, the drive to come and work out when the desire faltered, the hug that we needed, the invitation that turned our boring weekend upside down. This is because sport can never be confined within the walls of a club. Indeed, sport is a way of life and there is nothing more beautiful than to share its values at any time.

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