Surviving the swimsuit season: tips and secrets for a perfect beach bod

Sometimes we get to choose our own battles, though other times it’s the battles that get to choose us. Some people choose to fight against fake news or conspiracy theories, some against the trends of the moment and some instead embrace ethical, environmental or social struggles.

Then, there are battles that no one, or almost no one, seems to be able to escape: swimsuit season, for example. This is the challenge that, on time like a Swiss clock, every year creeps silently our back and becomes the bogeyman of the fast approaching summer.

As much as it seems like a problem invented by fashion magazines or the fitness industry, having a perfect beach bod is a challenge that, sooner or later, ends up scaring even the proudest deniers of physical activity.

The symptoms appear gradually, without even noticing it. It all starts almost by chance, when, on a day of summer’s eve, we distractedly pass in front of the usual mirror in our bathroom and linger a few more moments on our waistline. We then start asking ourselves: “Has my body always been like this?” The condition worsens when we begin an analytical inspection of all those areas of our body that only a few weeks before laid hidden by layers of sweaters and sweatshirts.


The same areas that last summer we remembered to be firmer, more toned, less affected by the force of gravity are now round, plump, unpleasant to look at. As the coats in the closet leave room for t-shirts and spring clothes, we keep finding ourselves standing there, in front of the usual mirror, pulling our belly in, holding our breath, keeping whole body segments tight with our bare hands. Finally, as soon as our social friends begin to post the first photos of their beach bod glistening in the sun, the most ruthless comparison between them and us begins.

From then on, it will no longer be possible to ingest complex carbohydrates and added sugars without a little thought reminding us that summer is near and we have not yet had the courage to start doing something to get that beach bod we so desperately wish. Then, almost as if the spring season lasted for mere seconds, we find ourselves with June at the gates and with our fingers being the sole body part having done some actual movement, as we write lines-long complaints on WhatsApp.

So how do we avoid the fear of  wearing with pride on the beach only our sunnies? Will we be forced, once again, to put our expectations on a diet instead of ourselves? Some remedy, though not miraculous, does exist for those who chose not to the gym in winter and now claim to get back in shape a few weeks before the holiday and get a sweet beach bod.

Quick tips for getting a perfect beach bod

Spring is the last chance, the final unmissable battle to win the swimsuit season challenge. Therefore, unless you have a one-way ticket to some miracle spring, all those hoping for a divine blessing sit back and take note. These little tricks could help us avoid a full body costume as the only trendsetter’s item in the suitcase and win the costume test:

  1. 1. Let’s not be too strict with ourselves
  2. 2. Work out, but tactically
  3. 3. Let’s fight laziness with small daily gestures
  4. 4. Think before you eat
1. Don’t be too strict with ourselves

1. Don’t be too strict with ourselves


The first thing to keep in mind is that very often our analytical look at our boy imperfections is more severe than reality. If we were as focused on the rest of the world as we are on ourselves by now, the Planet would already have solved the problem of global warming.

There are worse sins than a plump belly or a round waistline, but if this creates embarrassment, insecurity and frustration, then it is good to know that it is never too late to get back on track. Ergo, no more self-pity and severe auto body shaming. Get off the scale and get on a treadmill, Skillbike or whatever makes us sweat as fast as possible!

To fight for the perfect beach bod modern science has made available to us innovative technological weapons that seem taken directly from the set of Star Trek: have you ever heard of anti-cellulite medical cavitation, anti-gravitational gluteofiller, non-ablative rejuvenation photos and cryogenic showers?


Yes, slimming technologies are many, though pretty expensive. Therefore, unless you have thousands of Euros to spend and cannot afford all this high tech mumbo-jumbo whose names remind us of nuclear weapons and secret agents, know that there is an unfailing cheaper remedy: constant training.

2. Train tactically, plan strategically

2. Train tactically, plan strategically


Optimising what has not been done in the previous months is not easy, but we’ve got to start somewhere. For this reason, we need to study a sure-fire workout strategy before getting into the action. So, let’s identify the problem that prevents us from passing this damned costume test.

Is it excess fat? Relaxed body mass? A skeleton-like bodyline? Once we have established where we are and where we want to go, it will be necessary to orient and direct our efforts towards the required objective.

If our ideal beach bod requires us to lose weight, for example, we will have to devote some time to cardio workouts with longer training sessions, necessary to sweat and burn the calories that I so naively transgressed until yesterday. If, on the other hand, our future beach bod needs some additional muscle mass, then it will be better to devote the greatest number of sessions to weightlifting. In short, even in fitness strategy is everything.

A good coach is ideal for not wasting strength and energy in the little time left. A particularly effective technique, then, is the so-called High-Intensity Interval training (or HIIT), which seems to guarantee optimal results quickly. These are training circuits, generally meant for the whole body, composed of stations at predetermined intervals of time in which to alternate cardio exercises to targeted exercises, strictly at high-intensity (of course). The stimulation of the various body districts and the amount of sweat that is released is ideal for a global remise en forme.


Out of all the various HIITs, Skillathtletic stands out as the newest and most technologically advanced b, suited for the different needs your beach bod requires. In its different classes, Skillathletic already provides different classes for many of the objectives of the traditional beach bod. The Boost class, for example, are the ideal type of training for slimming and muscle definition; the Brave classes instead, which associate high intensity with building muscle mass, are perfect for those who want to present themselves on the beach with a muscular and tonic body.

There is no shortage of proposals in the world of fitness, but there is no talk of miracles as well! Commitment and perseverance must be the basis of any athletic initiative.

3. Fight laziness even in the little things

3. Fight laziness even in the little things


The challenge to the swimsuit season starts also from the small and simple actions that make up our daily routine. For example, in the months leading up to the summer, if you can, it is good to keep the body moving not only in the gym sessions.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Doing it is simpler than we think: save the lift for your groceries and take the stairs; walk when you can or take the bike instead of the car whenever possible; get off the bus that takes us to work at a station earlier and walk (a great idea to awaken the body from the slumber of sedentary lifestyle, oxygenate the mind before a long working day and improve the mood enjoying the first spring suns).

For those who have long been forced to work in the office, the basic rule is to get up from the desk at least every hour at the cost of pretending to be rodents and, like hamsters in the season of love, wander around the perimeter of the office repeatedly.


In short: let’s move!

4. Adopt small food strategies

4. Adopt small food strategies


At the base of every winning strategy in the costume test, however, there is always food. Not paying attention to what we eat inhibits the effectiveness of even the toughest workouts. An old Chinese saying says that we are what we eat. And if this winter we have been soft chocolate snacks, sparkling alcoholic bubbles or tasty local charcuterie, now is the time to give a shock to this lazy metabolism. To do so, sometimes, it is sufficient to follow small suggestions at the basis of any reasonable path of nutritional education.

This does not mean replacing the nutritionist with any tip found on the Internet, but it is good to defeat harmful beliefs in favour of small but important tips. First, let’s remember that fasting does not help to lose weight in a healthy way (better to be a bit round to the swimsuit season then being hunger stricken).

Do not ever skip meals, ever!

Sometimes it is enough to simply replace some food rich in fat or sugar to help our metabolism: choose protein, cereals and fruit instead, especially in the morning.

Drinking a glass of water before every meal helps to appease the sense of hunger, especially at a time when we are reducing or changing our daily habits! Another trick to keep under control what we ingest and get a nice beach bod can be to note down daily everything we eat: sometimes haste or distraction leads us to gobble up more food than we think or to grant us more exceptions than we should. Reading what we ate during the day can give us a real idea of what we really ingested.


Smart summer dishes certainly are mixed salads: eliminate dangerous ingredients such as cheese, mayonnaise and sausages. Rather, we should stick to mixed salads with eggs, white meat, oilseeds, fish and vegetables at will. And if it is true that the road to happiness is paved with carbohydrates, then let’s choose at least those made with wholemeal flours! There is always a way to reconcile our food cravings to the beach bod we want.

In short, a little attention to nutrition, a few right moves and targeted training will grant us a nice and fit beach bod, avoiding any loud cry in front of the mirror.

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