How to have the best post workout in Bologna

Every self-respecting fitness centre is a small community that can quickly turn into a family: people who train, sweat, exchange advice, opinions, empathic or challenging looks. Each with his own history, each with his own goal, all united by one common denominator: sport.

Skillathletic Irnerio, in the heart of Bologna, is no exception. Its Skillrows and barbells are the crossroads of experiences and busy lives. Every day here, dozens and dozens of athletes, including veterans and new members, come to pursue and achieve their goals (lose weight, tone up, enhance their performance). Each person, together with their sweat, leaves something more on the training platform: a story.

This is how friendships, acquaintances and – why not – even some romances begin. It happens when the code word of the environment is sharing; it is no coincidence that Skillathletic has made group high-intensity interval training one of its trademarks.

It happens when the Skillathletic aura does not stop to the hour of workout, but also spreads out the walls of the club and into the daily lives of its participants. So how do Irnerio members spend their free time after an intense hour of Boost or an adrenaline-filled Brave lesson?


Bologna has a reputation for being a liveable, fun and vibrant university city. It goes without saying that the lives of the people going to Skillathletic in Bologna are ripe with the mood of the city.

What students do in their post workout

What students do in their post workout


The University of Bologna is the first and oldest institution of its kind. Likewise, Skillathletic Irnerio was also the first centre of the Skillathletic ever to open its doors, thus becoming the forerunner of the next training revolution around the world.

A sign that the pioneering spirit of the city carries over the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the present day, both in the minds of the people and in their bodies. The club owes its name, among other things, to the ancient Porta Irnerio of the medieval city walls, which once protected the city from invaders and today connects it directly to Via Zamboni, the street par excellence dedicated to university students.

The street gathers most of the numerous faculties born under the patronage of the prestigious university. Here every day, among libraries, secretariats, study rooms (and nightclubs) thousands of students live their lives full of hopes, aspirations, social struggles, dramas and conquests, in their first glance of adulthood far from home.


With such premises, it is only natural for Skillathletic Irnerio to bind its identity to those of the people living in the area (including those who have lounged at the university perhaps too much). Lunch breaks or early afternoons are the preferred times for students who decide to unload their stress and anxiety with the club’s kettlebells and dumbbells.

Here many of them, coming from all over Italy and with their first experiences outside the family nest, find a real family. This family is strong even after the workout, and it turns into new study groups, new party groups or, as they say in jargon here in Bologna, in new “balotte” (crews). Between an exam and a burpee, Skillathletic Irnerio has thus become the meeting point not only to define your body, but also to make sport a lifestyle that helps people smile in front of long and tiring university days.


A Boost, Fast, Brave or Mighty class can be the best way to relieve stress before or after an exam. At the same time, the new family of friends can be the best opportunity to live the university experience fully and to meet people from all over Italy or the world.

What young adults do in their post workout

What young adults do in their post workout


However, Bologna is not just about its students. The city centre, which can be reached in a few minutes on foot or by bike, is the beating heart of a hard-working, thriving and lively Bologna. Here, a wealth of professionals from every sector (lawyers, accountants, employees and doctors, especially from the nearby hospital of Sant’Orsola) halt their work routine and start working out with Skillathletic.

Indeed, working out is the best way to get your life back from the challenging work routine, something especially hard on those young adults that want to leave a mark through their careers. Such are the young professionals, to whom no one would be able to give a defined age, given the care and attention they devote to their bodies.

Their workout is permeated by of a sense of challenge and determination, an indispensable feature when you don’t want to give up in front of the young freshmen that sweat at your side.


Some of these young adults are former sportsmen who, because of their growing work or family commitments, have had to give up their old athletic passions and now dream of getting their bodies back. With Skillathletic, they have found the best compromise to optimize results and time efficiency.

Others, on the other hand, are simply newcomers to physical activity, but in a city where trendier and trendier clubs are born, usually attended by young, with money and charming adults, the cult of image and body care are now an absolute imperative.


So, where do post-work professionals go?

If they are not busy returning home to their children, they are spoilt for choice and the nearby neighbourhood between Via Clavature and Piazza Santo Stefano offers them an attractive showcase to show off the new results obtained in intense training sessions!

What gym sticklers do in their post workout

What gym sticklers do in their post workout


They are an essential category in every gym, like the 5 o’clock tea for the English or the ragout on the Bolognese noodle. We’re talking about the gym sticklers (who some would not hesitate to call “fanatics”). Despite the fame of Bologna, and the increasing number of restaurants and clubs that open and crowd the city, they do not give up.

You can recognize them on the spot. They are the ones with chiselled abs that talk and laugh among themselves about enlightened topics such as: protein snacks, the weight load during the squat and the results to be monitored and compared with the previous month.


They live segregated like an endangered species, they are immune to the taste of lasagna and tortellini in broth. They are able to resist the scent of mortadella and, if invited for an aperitif, they are able to order mineral water while rivers of Lambrusco wine flow around them.

Yes, the post workout of the gym stickler is made up of home, healthy cooking (a diet strictly followed by a nutritionist), a few cheats and a lot of Netflix. To dodge the many temptations that the city can offer is not simple, but once these people recognize themselves, they find solace and strengths through their group.


What about their post workout?

Home gym and diet. Fortunately, with the arrival of the summer, with more outdoor sports activities, the organization of sports competitions and the growing number of healthy restaurants, they too can find an escape route from the path that’s leading them straight to isolationism.

What real hedonists do in their post workout

What real hedonists do in their post workout


Whether it’s a classic aperitif bar, a new nightclub, a traditional trattoria or the latest trendy event in town, Bologna can truly turn into a hedonistic Wonderland. This is well known by the many students that have lost their way to graduation here, seeing the university finish line that moves astray year after year, party after party.

The many professionals that continue to live and participate in the pulsating life of the city also know this. Of course, Skillathletic Irnerio’s clients are no exception. The motto of the so-called “fitness hedonists” is “I come to train so that I can live to the fullest“.

Their Achilles’ heel? They don’t miss a party and are the first to involve everyone (including new members) in dinners and post workout evenings. In Bologna, there is always a new place to try or a party to attend that justifies the intense training of the day.


The most exhilarating moment to see the hedonist at work is not so much the table of the disco, but during their workout on the next day, especially if it falls on Saturday morning and many of them are ready to give the best (and the worst) to atone for the sins of Friday night.

What singles versus young couples do in their post workout

What singles versus young couples do in their post workout


There is anything furthest from a post workout experienced by singles and that of young couples. If the latter see training as an important safety valve from a symbiotic life, the former see in every class the opportunity to make new friends with whom to expand their network, if not even a real highway to something more… meaningful.

Yes, for Skillathletic’s customers nothing affects their post-work habits as much as the rumour on their identity cards that they are answering a single or unmarried question. To tell the truth, among boyfriends, someone tries to involve their sweetheart in training together (and sometimes the results, if they don’t file the papers for immediate divorce, are surprisingly positive). Others instead prefer to carve out an hour for themselves with healthy selfishness.


On the other side of the training fenc… floor, singles, for their part, are the first to participate in any event proposed by the club or any subgroup: pizzas, mountain trips, weekends by the seaside, barbecues, etc. Indeed, if the heart is truly a muscle, why not training it with equal dedication?

What coaches do in their post workout

What coaches do in their post workout


Finally, there are the precious guides in every self-respecting club: coaches. Their personalities are the most varied and reflect the variety of customers who experience and attend Skillathletic. Every customer has his or her own favourite.

However, whether the coach is super technical, empathic, professional, party animal or social addicted, Skillathletic Irnerio’s coaches are the first to take part in the group outings and sometimes they are the soul and the engine of the community. Because let’s be honest, whether it’s sport or fun, free time is a bargain for professionals always and everywhere!

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